10 (more) Old Posts (Flashback Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week March 2020)

Heyzies friends! I’m Summer, your host. Today we’re going to be looking through 10 old posts of ours and I’ll share my thoughts on them.

Before we get started, I’d like to encourage you to check each of these posts out. Just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they”re bad!

#1 – The Search – Happy Birthday to Treasure

Well for one, the lighting in the pictures is terrible. The writing is a little worse than it is now, but I guess it isn’t too bad. I do like this story, but the writing is kind of bugging me…

#2 – Stuffing Rey and Kylo

Wow, the first post about getting a Build a Bear on here! I mean, the captions weren’t the absolute best, but other than that I see nothing wrong with this post! I like learning about us getting the BABS.

#3 – Wheels and Wagons

I really like these photos! The props are wonderful. I like this post.

#4 – Why you should start a Stuffed Animal Blog

I like the idea of this post. If only there were more Stuffed Animal blogs in the world…*sighs*

#5 – Getting a new BAB as told by GIFS

I definitely like how Diamond did more Build a Bear specific themed posts! I like the GIF usage.

#6 – Room/Blogging Journal Tour

For one thing, this is a really weird combination. I feel like it would’ve been better as seperate posts, but oh well. Also, Diamond’s room is actually clean-for once. The blogging journal never really worked out but wow! Diamond has been planning BAB Camp for a while!

#7 – Patriotic Party with Patrioticy

We worked reeeaaaallllyyyy hard on this post guys. I hope you all appreciate that. I think it turned out pretty well.

#8 – Interview with Diamond’s Dad

This is such a funny post! You know, our Gummy Bear thinks this should be the most popular post on the blog. He’s really proud of it, okay?

#9 – Teacup Thursday – October 2018

Ok, I REALLY like this style of post. It’s very different than anything I’ve ever seen before!

#10 – Fashion Friday – October 2018

All of the costumes! I love them so much!

Well, those are all of the posts I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed, and make sure to tell me which one of these posts are your favorite!

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