Friday the 13th ~ A BABF Original Photostory


It was Friday the 13th, and Cherry wanted to watch a movie. “Mommy!” she called.


“Yes dear?” Mommy quickly came over to see what Cherry needed.

“Can I watch Friday the 13th?” Cherry asked.


“Cherry!” Mommy scolded. “You know that you aren’t allowed to watch horror movies! Why don’t you pick something else to watch.”


“Okay,” Cherry replied, deflated. She flipped through the channels, trying to find something else to watch.


When Cherry turned the TV on, she saw something truly frightening.


“Ahh!” Cherry screamed.


Mommy came running in. “Cherry! Did you watch that scary movie?” Mommy scolded.


“No!” Cherry pointed to the TV. “Look!”

Mommy looked at the TV.


Mommy sat down, letting Cherry sit in her lap. “Sweetie, you don’t have to be that scared about the coronavirus.”

“We are preparing. Hopefully we won’t get this, but we are prepared if we do. Besides, you know that if you get sick I always take care of you!” Mommy explained.

“Okay,” Cherry replied. “But this means we can’t go to Disney World this week!”

Mommy laughed. “This is what you’re worried about?”

“Yes!” Cherry replied.

“We weren’t going to Disney World anyway, trust me,” Mommy replied.

Stay safe from the coronavirus everyone!

7 thoughts on “Friday the 13th ~ A BABF Original Photostory”

  1. Because of the virus, all of my family is home! Yay!*starts crying inside*
    Also, you know how you’re not supposed to have more than ten people in your house for a gathering, well there are eleven people in my family, so that’s eleven people in one house sooooooooooooooooooooo.

    -Liberty ❀

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