Aunt Cokie Babysits ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Cokie

Hello friends! I’m doing something a little different for BABAD. I’m going to be sharing a story that I’ve written!

Based on my Build a Bears, I’ve written a ton of short stories. They’re all based on the Stones, but sometimes the other bears make appearances. Just how many stories? Well, I don’t remember for sure, but over 70. So this blog will be a Build a  Bear blog, but I will mainly share things about my writing. Snippets, tips, thoughts, anything to do with my writings. I will also share some photography and recent events in my life, not just about Build a Bears. However, I will still post things about Build a Bears. Memories of experiences I had with Build a Bears, and even current things that my Build a Bears do.

Diamond, January 2018

Yeah, so originally this blog was going to have a lot about my writing. I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted a short story like this before, so I thought, that would work for this post! I edited this story that I wrote in 2017, and here you go! I think it features Cokie a good bit, and definitely counts for BABAD. I hope you enjoy!

This is Cokie, by the way.

Sandy Stone was disappointed. She was riding home after telling her parents goodbye. Mommy and Daddy were going to Mexico, leaving Sandy and her siblings at home with their Aunt Cokie. Sure, Sandy had fun with Aunt Cokie, but she just knew that she was going to miss her parents too much to enjoy their time together. All of her siblings thought so as well. Sandy sighed. This was going to be a long weekend.

When the kids arrived home with Aunt Cokie, Aunt Cokie noticed that all of the kids were down in the dumps. She wanted to cheer them up, but she wasn’t quite sure how. Since it was Friday evening, Mommy had told Aunt Cokie that she could do whatever she wanted with the kids. Aunt Cokie was sure that pizza and a movie would cheer them up.

“Guess what? I’m ordering a pizza!” Aunt Cokie exclaimed.

“Great,” the usually peppy Cherry sighed.

Aunt Cokie was upset that pizza wouldn’t cheer the kids up, but she didn’t stop trying.

“We’re going to watch a movie after that,” she announced.

“Eh,” Cloud replied.

Aunt Cokie was out of tricks. She decided that the kids would cheer up once the pizza arrived.

But Aunt Cokie was wrong. The Stone kids barely touched their pizza. Aunt Cokie watched in disbelief.

“Excuse me, but are you the same kids that normally devour pizza the second they see it?” Aunt Cokie teased. But she barely got a reaction out of them. The Stones sat in silence as they finished their dinner.

When dinner was over and it was time for the movie, Aunt Cokie asked the kids what they wanted to watch. No one really cared. Sandy, along with the rest of her siblings, just wanted her parents to get back already.

Aunt Cokie put on a movie anyway, while she did some chores. Sandy noticed that even movies weren’t as fun without Mommy and Daddy. Mommy and Daddy always stayed and watched the movies with them, but Aunt Cokie just left them to watch movies while she did chores. Sandy excused herself early to go to bed.

Sandy was awakened at one point during the night by her youngest sister Cali.

“Sandy?” Cali looked up at her big sister with sad eyes.

“I think that there’s a monster under my bed. Can I sleep in your bed instead?” Cali pleaded.

Sandy didn’t want to let Cali sleep in her bed, but before she knew it, Cali crawled into the bed and snuggled up close to her big sister. Sandy sometimes didn’t like her baby sister bugging her so much, but Sandy did like being a protective big sister. The two sisters soon fell asleep.

The Stone kids woke up dejected. They missed their parents very much. It wasn’t the same being away from them.

Aunt Cokie let the kids have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. She even let them put whipped cream on top. She thought that would for sure cheer them up.

When she saw that the kids were still upset, she decided to whip them into shape. (Not literally of course!)

“Alright. You kids are sad because you miss your parents. Well, your parents deserved a break. Do you honestly believe they have an easy job?” Aunt Cokie paused.

“And you kids pouting won’t bring them back any sooner. If you pout, all it will do is cause you to miss out on all the fun things I have planned for the day. So, do not pout.” Aunt Cokie commanded.

This managed to get through to the kids, and they heeded Aunt Cokie’s advice.

“If I pout, it won’t help me. And it would only make me miss out on whatever fun stuff might happen,” Sandy realized. She decided to make the best of it.

Apparently, all of Sandy’s siblings came to similar conclusions. The Stone kids were ready for whatever Aunt Cokie had planned. The kids waited, thinking that Aunt Cokie had something planned immediately.

 “Now go play until lunchtime,” Aunt Cokie instructed, noticing a change in the kids.

Aunt Cokie smiled, glad that she could cheer the kids up.

At lunchtime, the kids met Aunt Cokie in the kitchen.

“What are we having for lunch?” Candy asked, looking for food in the kitchen. She was hungry.

“We are going to go out to eat!” Aunt Cokie happily announced. The kids went with Aunt Cokie to the car. They were excited. Mommy and Daddy mainly took the kids out to eat on special occasions, so this was a special treat.

Aunt Cokie drove them to a pizza buffet/arcade. Sandy was excited. Her parents had never taken her there, and she’d always wanted to go.

The first thing they did once they got inside was eat lots of pizza. All of the kids were in a much better mood than the last time they had eaten pizza. As Aunt Cokie had remembered, they gobbled up the pizza, quick as could be. This was much better.

When everyone had stuffed themselves with all the pizza they could eat, Aunt Cokie took them into the arcade. They played lots of games. Sandy was especially glad that she won a few.

When Aunt Cokie called out a five-minute warning, Cloud was upset that he hadn’t won anything yet. He quickly challenged Sandy to one last game. Sandy agreed, and she held nothing back. She beat Cloud, and he was upset about it.

“I haven’t even won a single game since we got here!” Cloud started. He was about to throw a temper tantrum.

Aunt Cokie didn’t want Cloud to make a scene. Suddenly, she had an idea. “If you calm down right now, I’ll take you all out for ice cream,” she suggested.

Cloud liked that idea, so he calmed down immediately.

            True to her word, Aunt Cokie stopped for ice cream on the way home. Each of the kids enjoyed their delicious, flavorful ice cream cone. As Sandy licked her cone, she realized, “Even though I miss Mommy and Daddy, this has still been a really fun day. Maybe I can have a good time without them.”

            The next morning, Aunt Cokie helped the kids get ready for church. Sandy didn’t mind church, but she really missed her parents.

            Sandy knew that once church was over, she would be able to see her parents again. Their plane would arrive during church. Then, Aunt Cokie would take the kids to pick them up after church.

            Knowing that she would see her parents again once church was over made church seem twice as long as usual. She fidgeted all throughout church. It didn’t help that Aunt Cokie was constantly scolding her for wiggling. Sandy didn’t know if she’d make it through church. She was so excited to see her parents again.

            After what seemed like an eternity, church was finally over. Sandy raced to her family’s SUV. It seemed like it took forever to get to the airport. Sandy kept asking, “Are we there yet?” Her siblings asked the same question too. Sandy could tell that they were annoying Aunt Cokie, but she was so desperate to see her parent’s again. She had missed them so much, and despite the fact that she’d had so much fun with Aunt Cokie, she still wished they were home already.

            Finally, Aunt Cokie pulled up at the airport. When Sandy saw her parents, she was overjoyed. She got out of the car to give them a huge hug and help them with their bags. Once they were in the car, Mommy asked the kids if they’d had fun with Aunt Cokie.

            “We had a lot of fun with her,” Sandy began. “But we’re really glad you’re back too.”

            Sandy smiled at Aunt Cokie. This weekend hadn’t been as bad as Sandy had expected it to be. That was all because of Aunt Cokie.

I hope you enjoyed that! Fun fact, it was over 1300 words! (I mean, not that that’s very long, but it’s probably one of the longest posts on this blog so far.

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