Aftershock Episode 1

Hello friends! I hope you’re ready for the very first episode of Aftershock! Make sure to read the prologue if you haven’t yet! (or if you just want a refresher)


I showed up to work 8:00 a.m. sharp the next morning, just like I was instructed to do. I even packed a suitcase, though I wasn’t sure why. I searched for Mr. Man, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Hello,” greeted a woman, dressed in a black outfit. I’d seen outfits just like this in the gear division. “You must be Lauren Davis.”

I nodded. “Are you with the recruitment office?”

She smiled. “You could say that.”


I eyed her apparel. “Are you a superhero?” I inquired.

“No, of course not!” she laughed. “You’ll meet the rest of the team in a minute, but we recruit superheroes. We don’t save the world.”

I sighed a breath of relief. I knew I wouldn’t have been very valuable in a team of superheroes.

“So, we save the superheroes?” I grinned.

She laughed again. “Yeah,”


“I’m Victoria Windsor, but everyone just calls me Tori,” she added.

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you Tori.” I extended my hand to offer a handshake.

“C’mon,” Tori began. “I’ll introduce you to the rest of the team.”

I followed Tori into a large aircraft. Tori made turn after turn. It was like a maze in there! I would have been lost without Tori’s direction.


“Team!” she announced to another bear. “This is the new recruit, Lauren.”

I was surprised. I was expecting a large team of ten or so people. Instead, there was just me, Tori, and one other bear.


“Hi!” the other bear exclaimed. “I’m Andy, and this is BAB-3.” Andy gestured to a droid like creature. “We usually just call him Baby, for short.”

“I can introduce myself, thank you very much,” BAB-3 replied in a robotic voice.

He rolled himself up to me. “I’m BAB-3, nice to meet you,” he greeted.


I reluctantly took his hand. “Uh, hi,” I mumbled.

I must have looked very confused, because Tori quickly added, “Baby is a huge help to us. We use him as our computer. It’s very safe, because no one can hack in. Plus, he’s mobile. It’s nice to have all our intel come along with us on missions.”

“Okay,” I replied.

“Plus, I’m very charming,” BAB-3 added.

“That too,” Andy agreed.


A few seconds later, Tori led me to my quarters.

“Is this like my office of something?” I inquired.

 “No silly! Hasn’t Mr. Man told you?” Tori laughed.

I shook my head.

“We’re a traveling agency. We have to travel to the superheroes in order to recruit them. What? Did you think the superheroes would just walk up to LoS headquarters and ask to join?” Tori explained.

I looked away. I kind of did expect something like that.


“Anyway, I love that necklace!” Tori gushed. I stared at my necklace.

“Thanks. It was a gift from my mother,” I sighed, remembering my mother giving it to me just before she took me to the orphanage. She made me promise to never take it off, and I never had.

“Aw, that’s sweet!” Tori replied. “Well anyway, I’ll let you get settled in here. Let me know if you need anything!”

Tori left, and I sat on my new bed. This was going to be an interesting job.

That was episode 1! What did you all think? Part 2 should be coming mid-April!

Pssst, here’s Episode 2!

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