A Few Hints On Camp Happy Heart (Teaser Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week April 2020)

Hello friends! Today, I will be sharing some sneak peeks of Camp Happy Heart! Diamond was going to keep a lot of these a surprise, but I’m Treasure and I do what I want! In case you were wondering, I know a lot of these things because I am a counselor this year! I’m excited.

Anyway, there’s only a little over 50 days until camp officially starts, so that’s pretty exciting.

The Sneak Peeks

Diamond has mostly planned out Camp! Who knows if that will be the final schedule, but at least there is a schedule! Diamond has all but 4 posts planned.

I think my favorite week will be furry friends, because we’ll be going to an animal shelter and volunteering there that week. Diamond said it would be really cool.

We also may just tag along on a summer vacation as part of travel week. That mainly just depends on whether or not Diamond goes on a summer vacation.

The very first post of Camp Happy Heart will be a craft round up of some of last year’s best crafts.

Even though the Olympics aren’t happening this year, we’re still doing Olympics week! Don’t worry.

Diamond has a schedule for the weeks. Each week there will be a craft, photoshoot, photostory, show, and guest post.

I was able to snag a photo of this last teaser, a DIY coming!

That’s right! We have a DIY Book tutorial coming! If you comment your favorite books, we may consider including them in the printables set.

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you’re as excited for camp as we are!

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