Aftershock Episode 2

Hello friends! I’m here with another episode of Aftershock! Make sure to check out the prologue and episode 1 if you haven’t already!


“New Mission! Report to Briefing Room!” BAB-3 rolled around shouting in the middle of the night.

I groaned. I was not expecting to be woken up this late for my first mission. Still, I followed BAB-3 into the Briefing Room. “How am I ever going to get used to all of these hallways?” I wondered.


Once I’d arrived in the Briefing Room, Tori and Andy were already there, peering over a screen.

“Oh, good,” Tori said. “You’re here.” She pointed to the screen. It had a map and image of an individual believed to be a superhero.

“We just got this potential superhero report in. BAB-3 has already routed us to the last known location of the subject,” Andy explained.

“Ok,” I began. “What’s our mission?”

“For this subject, we mainly need to assess the individual. He may not even have any powers. But, after his superhero status is confirmed, we will try to convince him to join the LoS,” Tori explained.

“Sounds simple enough,” I sarcastically replied. “How do we know if he’s a superhero or not? Have him throw a building?”

“We just need a DNA sample. But we need to get it without him getting suspicious. Usually we just get a stray hair, or a plastic cup,” Andy explained.

“Okay…” I doubtfully replied.

“Landing in 1 hour!” BAB-3 shouted.


“Okay, let’s gear up!” Tori announced. I followed her to the gear room. She handed me a black outfit with a bullet proof vest.

“Will we really need this?” I asked, holding up the vest.

“Most of the time we don’t, but it’s always good to have. Plus, it makes us look more official,” she answered.

After I had geared up, Tori handed me a gun. “We only shoot if we believe the superhero to be dangerous.”

That seemed simple enough. After we had gotten all our gear together, the plane touched down. I followed the team into the town.


“How exactly are we not supposed to draw attention to ourselves dressed like this?” I asked under my breath.

“You’d be surprised,” Andy replied.


Instantly, I caught a glance of the suspect. “There he is!” I whispered.

He went inside a restaurant. Perfect. I followed him inside, taking note of where he sat. I sat at a table behind him, as to not draw suspicion. I waited until he went to the bathroom. When he was gone, I swiftly went over to his table. Luckily, his jacket was on the chair. I swiped a few loose hairs and met back up with my team.

“Good work!” Andy congratulated. “That was quick.”


Tori placed the hairs inside BAB-3. “What’s the verdict Baby?”

“The subject in question is…” BAB-3 replied.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Enjoy that little cliffhanger while waiting until next month for episode 3!

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