Happy Birthday Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry!

Hello friends! Today is Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry’s birthday. In honor of that, I decided to write a birthday story that I wrote a few years ago. It’s a bit long, so you may want to read parts of it at a time, but I think that you guys would really enjoy this story. I’d also like to know if you like it when I post stories like this, because I definitely have more if you do.

The Birthday kids

Sandy Stone woke up one lovely, spring morning. It seemed to be just a simple, normal morning, until she glanced at the calendar. It was April 24th, which was Sandy’s birthday!

Sandy groggily tuned out her sisters chanting, “It’s our birthday!”

Sandy was a quadruplet, though she seemed more mature than the twins. Cherry and Cherie were a part of the quadruplets too, but everyone referred to them as the twins. It was easy to see why too. Anyone could tell that Cherry and Cherie were related. Sandy didn’t quite look like anyone in her family. But then again, each of the Stones had a distinct look that classified them as “one of the Stone kids.”

Even though the four bears were all turning nine, it was easy to know who was the oldest. Chip was not only the biggest cub, but he was also the wisest of the four. Sandy used to hate him when she was little. She wanted to be the oldest. However, even though she didn’t hate him anymore, there was still the occasional sibling rivalry between the two.

Sandy, the second oldest cub, got along well with her two younger quadruplets, Cherie and Cherry. They played together often. Sandy also got along well with her other younger siblings, Candy, Cloud, and Cali.

Cali, the baby of the family, was the first to wish Sandy a happy birthday. “Is there anything you’ve been hoping to get today?” she asked.

“Well, there is this one princess tiara,” Sandy trailed off. A few months ago, Sandy saw a beautiful, shimmering, silver tiara, fit for a princess. She wanted it then, but it was too expensive for her wallet filled with loose dollars she’d earned from her allowance. She’d made sure to ask for it every chance she got, but she still wasn’t sure if Mommy had gotten it for her birthday. Mommy was very busy, having seven kids and all. Sandy was excited to find out if she got the tiara.

When the girls arrived downstairs, the boys were already waiting at the table. Mommy set the table with plenty of chocolate chip pancakes. Per Stone family tradition, chocolate chip pancakes were always served on someone’s birthday. Sandy didn’t like chocolate chip pancakes that much, but Chip, Cherie, and Cherry all loved them. Sandy didn’t want to complain and ruin it for them. It was just a sacrifice she would have to make.

After breakfast, Mommy gave the quad’s their first set of presents. Chip went first. He unwrapped a realistic looking plastic sword.

“Thanks a lot!” he exclaimed. Chip loved pirates, so this sword was perfect for him.

Even though Sandy’s turn was technically next, she didn’t say anything as Cherie rushed to unwrap her present. Once the colorful paper was ripped off, Sandy could see that Cherie had gotten a pair of fairy wings. They would have such fun playing make believe with all of these new gifts later that day.

Cherry brushed past Sandy, eager to open her present. Sandy gasped when she saw what Cherry had gotten. It was the exact princess tiara that Sandy herself had been asking for!

Sandy gasped, feeling her cheeks flush with anger. Mommy handed Sandy the last gift. As Sandy opened it, she was disappointed to find a mermaid blanket.

“I know you wanted the princess tiara, but so did Cherry,” Mommy began. “I thought you might like this a bit better.”

Sandy frowned. She didn’t like the mermaid tail better.

Then, she saw Cherry’s excited face wearing the tiara. Sandy sighed. “As long as Cherry’s happy,” she murmured to herself.

Once everyone had received a present, Mommy allowed the kids to watch a TV program. Candy complimented Cherry on her new crown. Sandy felt a tinge of jealousy. She should have had that tiara.

Quickly, Sandy pushed those feelings aside. “Sometimes I have to make sacrifices so my family can be happy. Now is one of those times,” she thought to herself.

After the  TV show was over, the kids started playing. Chip, Cherie, and Chery were having lots of fun with their new toys, but Sandy just sat in the corner with her mermaid tail. Her younger siblings mostly ignored her, eager to get a chance to play with Cherie’s new wings, or Chip’s sword. Sandy didn’t really mind being left out, but it would have been nice to at least have a little bit of recognition on her birthday.

Mommy came to get the kids.

“Will you all help he clean the living room?” she instructed.

“I shouldn’t have to help!” Cherry exclaimed.

“Yeah! It’s our birthday,” Cherie agreed.

“Alright,” Mommy began. “Chip, Cherie and Cherry can play, but the rest of you have to help clean.”

“But it’s my birthday too!” Sandy protested.

This was unfair. Mommy was giving Chip, Cherie, and Cherry special treatment because it was their birthday, but Sandy, who also had a birthday today, was forgotten and ignored. Why was Mommy being like this.

“I know sweetie, but you’re such a good helper. I need your help. You should take it as a compliment,” Mommy explained.

Sandy was outraged. A compliment? This was a punishment! Still, Mommy was right. Sandy was a good helper. Since she was so considerate, she agreed to help without another word.

It was awful having to help clean. Normally, cleaning wouldn’t be so bad. But Sandy couldn’t stand to know that her siblings were off playing while she was stuck working. She wished that she wasn’t a quadruplet.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mommy finally released the kids from cleaning. Sandy decided to sit on the couch and relax. She turned on the TV.

“What are you doing?” Mommy asked critically.

“I was going to watch a show,” Sandy replied.

“I thought that your TV privileges for the day were already used up.” Mommy instructed.

“But we’re supposed to get free TV time on our birthdays!” Sandy protested.

“Well, yes. But you’re supposed to set an example for your younger siblings. Do you want them to think that it’s okay for them to sit on the couch and watch TV all day?” Mommy explained.

Sandy turned the TV off. She was so upset.

“This is so unfair! Why do I have to be the example? I’m not even the oldest!” Sandy mentally complained.

After a long, boring birthday, Daddy finally arrived home. Sandy was looking forward to the birthday festivities that would begin after dinner. Maybe then she would finally get some recognition.

For dinner, Mommy served meatloaf. Meatloaf was Cherie and Cherry’s favorite meal, but Sandy would have definitely preferred fried chicken. At least Sandy didn’t mind meatloaf though. This was definitely not the most disappointing thing of the day.

After dinner, the family’s celebration began. The family had chocolate cake, Chip’s favorite. Again, Sandy didn’t really mind, but it still wasn’t her favorite.

When it was time to open presents, Sandy still hoped for a princess tiara. She knew it was unlikely, given that Cherry had received an identical one this morning, but she still hoped that there was a chance that she could get one.

She glanced at the pile of presents. Most of them were for Chip, Cherie, or Cherry, but there were a few for her too. Present after present, Sandy didn’t get the tiara. She got a stuffed puppy, a princess doll, and a soft blanket, but no tiara. Sandy was really upset.

She tried to swallow her emotions and keep everything inside, but she was unsuccessful. “Is that really all my presents?” she sputtered, before thinking better of it.

“Yes Sandy. Watch your tone,” Mommy scolded. “You’re starting to sound ungrateful.”

Sandy didn’t mean to sound ungrateful, but she had really wanted that tiara.

“Sorry, I haven’t felt very appreciated today,” Sandy quickly apologized. Then, she excused herself from the rest of the festivities. The rest of her family didn’t even seem to notice.

“I don’t ask for much,” Sandy thought. “But I wish I could just have one day to myself.”

After Sandy made that one birthday wish, she fell asleep.

The next morning, Sandy was awakened by Cherry shouting, “Happy Birthday!” Sandy was confused.

“What?” she asked. Wasn’t yesterday her birthday?

“Come on!” Cherry pulled her sister downstairs. Sandy raced to catch up with her sister. Cherry was quick.

When Sandy had arrived downstairs, her family had gathered around the table.

“Happy Birthday Sandy!” they all exclaimed.

“What?” Sandy asked in shock. “What is going on?”

“Well, we all felt bad that you kind of got left out yesterday,” Mommy started.

“So I had the idea to celebrate your birthday today!” Cali exclaimed.

“Really?” Sandy asked.

“Yeah. I stayed up late with Mommy to make your favorite cake, vanilla,” Candy bragged.

“And I knew it was to late to go present shopping, so I agreed to give you my new princess tiara!” Cherry exclaimed, placing the coveted tiara in her sister’s lap.

Sandy was so grateful to have her cake and princess tiara, but most of all, she was so grateful to have her family. They did all of this for her. It meant a lot to her to know that her family did appreciate her. Even if she hadn’t gotten the tiara, she would have still been happy. She had an amazing family.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry!

  1. Happy Birthday Cherie, Cherry, Chip, and Sandy!!! I hope you all had a great bday! I loved reading this story, Diamond, and getting to know the Stones family a lot more!!
    *hugs to you and the Stones!
    -kaelyn 😛 and the BABs


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