Wicket’s Adventures in Quarantine (Wicket Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week May 2020)

Yahoo! Wicket the Man here.

While in quarantine, Willow, Wes and I have had some adventures. I thought I would share them with you. Today I will share I will share five, but if you guys enjoy, then I will post more every Wednesday, especially because I’m not going to work now.

Adventure no. 1

Since I haven’t been working, I’ve had a a lot more time to spend with my son. While I’ve always read to Wes, I have found myself reading much more to him during the last few weeks. Since I’ve been reading to him more often, his love for reading has grown. He even brings me the books he wants me to read to him now. So, the good news of quarantine is that I’ve had more time to bond with my son.

Adventure no. 2

I’m really grateful for the hospital workers and first-responders who are helping out during this time. While I was at home twiddling my thumbs, I thought of a way that I could thank them. Since I’m a pilot, and I have a personal plane, I decided to fly the plane above the hospital and write “Thank you” in the sky. I enjoyed being able to fly again after not flying for so long. Apparently, it was a big hit, because I made the local news!

Adventure no. 3

Each night, after we put Wes to bed, Willow and I have been watching movies together. We alternate who picks the movie, so one night we’ll watch a rom-com and the next night we’ll watch an action movie. It works out, because I actually end up liking the action movies Willow chooses. What? You thought I liked the action movies and Willow liked the rom-coms? Shows what you know.

I actually really enjoy this time because it’s given me and Willow more time to spend together before the arrival of our second child.

Adventure no. 4

It sometimes grows tiring to stay at home all the time. Willow and I like to take Wes on drives. We admire the scenery and play I Spy. Wes enjoys it, and we just like getting out of the house. One time we saw a man in a banana suit driving a convertible!

Adventure no. 5

The last adventure I will share with you today is this. I was flossing my teeth one day, when I felt something loose. I reached in my mouth, thinking maybe a large piece of food was stuck between my teeth. Well, lo and behold, when I opened my palm, there was a tooth in my hand. Yes, my tooth. Needless to say, I have since gone to the dentist and had that problem solved.

If you enjoyed my adventures, let me know in the comments. Then, I will share more quarantine adventures.

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