Aftershock Episode 3

Hello friends! It’s time for the next installment of Aftershock! This will be the last installment for a little while, as Aftershock will not be taking place over the summer. Also, this part is a little dull(mostly dialogue), but I feel that it is necessary for the story. I hope you enjoy!


Episode 1

Episode 2

“Baby, seriously? Just tell us already!” Andy sighed, fed up with BAB-3’s little joke.

“Okay, okay, the subject is a superhero,” BAB-3 replied. “His exact powers include freezing water.”

“Okay, so now what?” I asked. “Are we just supposed to go up and ask him to join LoS?”


“Generally, we like to apprehend the subject in question and then negotiate with him inside of this plane,” Andy explained. “Some supers don’t respond well to our terms, and we try to minimize the risk of civilian injuries.”

“Oh,” I replied. I couldn’t imagine anyone not joining LoS. It was the most prestigious organization of superheroes there was. A super would have to be crazy not to join. “What happens if they don’t join us?”

“We make them.” Tori replied, casually.

I must have looked confused, because both Tori and Andy busted out laughing. Even BAB-3 made a humorous sound.


“We don’t actually force them to do anything. I was only kidding,” Tori replied. “Either they join us, or they take this serum.” Tori produced a vial of liquid. “It strips a super of their powers.”

“That’s a little harsh,” I began. “You take away their powers just because they have different opinions than you?”

“Well, it’s the most effective!” Andy exclaimed. “Most supers who disagree with the LoS guidelines end up harming other individuals.”

“Most? Not even all?” I questioned.

“Back when LoS first started there were a few individuals who disagreed with our guidelines. 90% of them rebelled against LoS, but the remaining 10% of them went into hiding. We still haven’t found them, but we stopped looking long after it was clear that they weren’t dangerous,” Tori recalled.


I let this new information sink in. I couldn’t believe that LoS would strip someone of their powers like that. Supers were people too, right?

“I don’t think I would like that very much if I was a super,” I sighed.

“Well then I guess it’s a good thing you aren’t,” Andy replied. “Supers either join us or they give up their powers. There is no third choice.”

“Anyway,” Tori interrupted. “We need to get to the subject before he leaves the area.”

We jumped to our feet. Tori was right, we needed to get to the subject quickly.

There you go! What do you think of LoS’s methods? Did you enjoy this part?

For those of you here after Aftershock S1 has been completed, here’s the link to Episode 4!

24 thoughts on “Aftershock Episode 3

  1. Ooh, I could feel a little bit of tension building up in this part and I’m kind of wary of LoS’s methods here. Yet again, I’m super intrigued to read more.

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