Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Today I have a photostory about the Cheerful Ladybugs cabin. I believe Cali will be narrating this photostory, so I’ll hand this over to her now.


It was 2 p.m. on Thursday. That meant it was free time.


My cabinmates and I were trying to discuss what we would do for our play tomorrow. Or, well, I was trying to discuss what we could do.


Sparkles had her nose stuffed in a book.


Swirl was…doing something I guess.


“Guys! We need to figure something out for our fairytale tomorrow! Each cabin has to come up with a fairytale to act out,” I begged. “Help me think.”


“Letting all the blood rush to your brain does help you think,” Swirl commented.

I rolled my eyes. “Counselor Summer will be here any second and if we don’t have something, then I don’t know what she’ll think of us!”

We thought and thought. But for some reason, we couldn’t think of any fairytale.


Before we could decide on a fairytale, Counselor Summer arrived at our cabin.


We all gathered on a spot on the ground, eager to talk to our counselor.


“So, have we decided on a fairytale for tomorrow?” Counselor Summer questioned.


“Um, not exactly,” Swirl mumbled.


Summer glanced at Sparkles’s book. “What is that you’re reading?”

“Uh, the Lunar Chronicles. It’s basically a mashup of Cinderella and Star Wars.”


“That’s a wonderful idea then!” Summer exclaimed, snatching the book away from Sparkles. “You three can re-enact Cinderella! I’ll let the other counselors know. Why don’t you go ahead and make preparations? Feel free to invite other campers too.”

I was grateful that Counselor Summer came up with such a fantastic idea. Now, we just had to get started.


I went right to work on inviting other campers. I asked Rudy if he would be Prince Charming. He agreed, and even invited me to star in the Super Adventurer’s play! (Stay tuned for that tomorrow.)


Sparkles started working on the manuscript of our play.


Swirl dug through the costume trunk, searching for the perfect Cinderella dress.


Our production went very well! We decided to make it to where Cinderella’s best friend is a pumpkin and our story just fell into place after that.


Swirl starred as Cinderella,


And Sparkles was the pumpkin. I wasn’t in this play, but I was in the Super Adventurer’s production. Make sure to check that out tomorrow.


After the show, Counselor Summer came to our cabin to congratulate us.

“You guys did such a great job! I’m proud of you all.”


Then, we enclosed Summer in a big hug.

“We couldn’t have done it without you,”

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