Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! I hope you’re enjoying Astonishing Athletics week so far. I feel like it’s a lot better than last year’s, because I had absolutely no inspiration for that one. Anyway, today I have a photostory for you featuring Tye! I’m really excited to officially introduce him to you all.

(Cloud’s POV)


It was lunchtime. Rudy and I however, were not at lunch.

Why, you might ask? Well, someone forgot his water bottle in the cabin. Great. And, due to camp rules, we aren’t allowed to go anywhere without a buddy. So, that meant Rudy had to drag me along back to the cabin.

“Great,” I muttered. “Berry was going to serve brownies with lunch today. They’ll probably be all gone by the time we get back.”


“Someone moved my bed!” Rudy gasped, interrupting my complaints.

It was true though. Rudy’s bed was on the floor.


I looked at my bunk. “Hey! Someone changed my bedding! I have superhero blankets, not bandana ones!”


“We’ll have to ask Counselor Peri about this,” Rudy decided.

We headed back to the main hall(after Rudy forgot his water bottle AGAIN,), to both eat and ask our counselor what was going on.


“Counselor Peri, why have the beds been moved around?” I asked my mother/counselor. Even though Mommy was my counselor this year, she didn’t treat me any differently than she treated the other campers. She asked me to do the same.

“Oh, so you noticed!” Mommy sang. “You will find out soon. We will have a cabin meeting after lunch to discuss some things.”

I groaned. I wanted to know what was going on now. But, at least lunch was appetizing. Rudy and I made it back just before the brownies were all gone.


Like Counselor Peri had said, we had a cabin meeting after lunch. Cabin meetings were not common. In fact, I only remember having one right before we left camp last year.

“Some of you have certainly noticed that the beds have been moved around today,” Counselor Peri began. “Well, that is because we have very exciting news! A new camper is joining our cabin today!”

My jaw dropped. Mischief gasped.

“But that’s never happened before!” Chip said in disbelief. It’s true. We’d never had a new camper at Camp Happy Heart. In fact, most of us here were related. I didn’t even know any other boys my age around town.


“Come on in!” Mommy called. A colorful bear entered the cabin.


“This is Tye,” Counselor Peri began. “His family just moved here, and they wanted to sign Tye up for Camp Happy Heart!”


“But we don’t know Tye!” I exclaimed. Chip was my brother, and Rudy and Mischief were my cousins. I had never met Tye before.

“Well, that’s the perfect way to make new friends!” Counselor Peri advised. “Besides, he’s one of my childhood BFF’s son. Won’t you please make him feel welcome?”

“Okay,” Rudy sighed.


Mommy excused us from chores today. She said we could use that time for “cabin bonding.” I was just glad not to have to scrub toilets.

“So, what do you like to do Tye?” Chip asked.

“Well, I like surfing, going to the beach, and making crafts,” Tye replied.


“Oh I love the craft studio here!” Mischief gleefully exclaimed. Everyone turned to look at him. “That’s the best time for me to prepare my pranks.”


Everyone listened to Mischief tell a story about how he pranked his sister’s cabin with a box of glitter. We were so focused on Mischief’s story that we forgot about Tye.

Finally, it was time for the daily event. Since it was sports week, today’s event was swimming. Not that we didn’t swim nearly every day during free time, but this was competitive swimming. I’m not much for bragging, but I’d beat everyone’s time doing laps during yesterday’s practice.


Tye and I were up against each other. Whoever had the fastest time won, but we still preferred to race against another camper. It motivated us better.

I would have no problem beating the new guy.


We took off in the pool. I instantly picked up a head start.


Before we got to the end, Tye really gained some speed.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t swim as fast as Tye.


After we were done, I made sure to congratulate Tye.


“That was…really good swimming out there,” I admitted. As much as I was disappointed that I had lost, Tye had done some really good swimming.


“Thanks,” he replied. “I was worried you would hate me for winning.”

“Why would you think that?” I gasped. “I thought you did a great job!”

“Yeah,” Tye replied. “It’s just that you guys didn’t really seem very friendly at the cabin.”

“I’m sorry,” I sighed. “It’s just that we all know each other really well. Last year, we spent 3 months together in the same cabin. We’re just not used to having to include another bear.”

Tye nodded. “I get it,” he sighed.


Later, in the cabin,

We were all talking about the competition.

“You did great Cloud!” Mischief exclaimed.

“Thanks,” I beamed. “Rudy, you did a great job for your size.”

I noticed we were beginning to exclude Tye again. “But Tye did a really good job!” I added.


“You think?” Tye asked.

“Definitely,” Chip replied.

We talked throughout the night. Tye was actually pretty cool.


We talked until we fell asleep.


After that day, Tye still wasn’t completely feeling like he was a part of the group.


But, whenever I noticed him sitting on his own, I made sure to call him over.


It might take a little while for Tye to feel like an official part of our cabin, but we would get there eventually. It would be nice to have a new friend.

P.S. Here’s a blooper from the photostory!


My dog Rocket wanted to go “swimming” in the Camp Pool 🙂

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