A Trip to the Animal Shelter ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Today Cherie will be narrating a photostory about the trip to the animal shelter!


Hey readers! I’m going to tell you guys about a trip that my cabin took to the animal shelter.


I was a little nervous. We were supposed to be picking out a dog to train. If we didn’t pick out a good dog, we wouldn’t stand a chance in the dog show on Friday.

We were also performing some service for the shelter. They’ve been overrun by dogs lately, so we were taking some out to train for a week at camp.


We entered the first section of the shelter.


I saw an adorable Irish Setter.


The next room had four more dogs.


The last area only had two dogs. We all seemed to notice an adorable pug staring at us.


Counselor Starburst came to join us again. “Do any of the dogs stick out to you guys?”


We huddled together, deliberating over who to pick.


We turned to face Counselor Starburst. “We want the pug,” Candy decided.


The shelter volunteers got us set up with the pug. We found out her name was Sunny.


We immediately got to work on training Sunny.


Sunny took right to Sandy.




Sunny didn’t do every trick, but she did seem very sweet. We were happy to have picked a good dog.

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