DIY Artist Smock

Hello friends! Welcome to the first day of Colorful Creations! Today I have a craft for you all. It’s really easy. I’ll be showing you guys how to make an artist smock for your campers! Let’s go!


All you really need is a plastic grocery bag and scissors. But I included the tape in case I messed up(which I did,)


Measure your camper against the plastic bag. Cut a poncho shape out.


You’ll also need to cut a long piece of the bag to tie around your camper’s waist.


You will need to cut a neckline.


Pull the smock over your camper’s head. This was the part where I needed the tape, because I accidentally ripped the plastic. Whoops…


Tie the long piece of plastic around the camper.


Now, Swirl is all ready to be as messy as she wants with her paint!

I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to send any pictures to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com!

4 thoughts on “DIY Artist Smock

  1. I love this craft!! I may have to try this one myself!
    p.s. I will send you that furry friends post today! So soo sorry but, i have been busy and wordpress has been glitchy. thanks for understanding!
    -kaelyn 😛

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