Training Peaches ~ Guest Post by Kaelyn

UPDATE: We were having some issues with the photos, but that should be resolved now!

Hello friends! Do you guys want a bonus post today?

I mean, I hope your answer would be yes…

Anyway, today I have an extra post for you! It’s actually the guest post from last week, but WordPress was giving everyone trouble last week, so it’s a little late. Anyway, Kaelyn sent this one in. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Hello Campers of Camp Happy Heart! My name is E-E the monkey and I am one of the writers on Stuffed Stories and I am proud to be here today to talk to you about some campers who tried hard and learned to work together during our Furry Friends week at camp. I am talking about the counselors Julious and Chubby Bananas and their campers: Burden Bear, Dapper Dane, Hippy, and Spike. I hope you enjoy their story! 

image (1)
Peaches and E-E

“Hello everyone! My name is E-E and I am the assistant director of this week of camp! I am very excited that you all picked Peaches to help be trained in acrobatics and behavior this week. She is a smart dog, but she may not always know what you mean. Good luck!”, said E-E as he left Peaches in the boy’s area that they picked to train Peaches.

from back left to front right:  Hippy, Dapper Dane, Burden Bear, and Spike; our campers“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““

“Well”, said Hippy, “Let’s get this over with.”The rest of the boys ran to pet Peaches. 

“She is such a sweet doggy! Who’s a sweet doggy?”, Dapper Dane called to Peaches. 

image (8)
Julious and Chubby Bananas; the counselors

“Oh goodness!”, said Chubby Bananas, “Do you know how to train a dog?”

“Uh, nope. My grandmother had a dog once when I was little and that’s about it.”, Julious replied. 

The counselors watched as Spike ran over to Peaches. Peaches stood there, tail wagging, like there wasn’t a care in the world.

image (2)

“Okay, Peaches, sit.”, Spike said. 

Nothing happened and Peaches still stood there. 

“Nothing seems to be working!”, Burden Bear said loudly. 

image (3)

“Fine, let me try! Lay down!”, Hippy said. 

Peaches laid down, alright. On her back. 

“No Peaches, don’t play dead!”, Hippy shouted. 

image (4)

“Let the counselor give it go. Go fetch”, Julious said as he threw the chew toy. 

Peaches wagged her tail and sat down happily at Julious’s feet. 

“Now she sits?”, Spike said. 

image (5)

“How is everything coming along with her training?”, E-E said as he went over to check on the campers progress. 

“Fine.”, the campers and counselors said in unison. 

“Okay….., well I will be checking on your progress in about 10min!”, E-E said as he walked off to check on the other Camp Happy Heart campers who were training their dogs. 

“I don’t know if we can ever do it.”, Hippy said as he sat on the ground. 

image (6)

Chubby Bananas walked up next to Hippy saying, “Sure we can! Peaches may not be responding the way we want her too, but we are a team! Let’s keep trying, maybe add some hand motions and treats to help her. That is what E-E told me to do and I don’t know why I am just now remembering this. Although, I think it is worth a shot!”

Julious and the rest of the campers huddled up and they each worked together to make commands and got some dog treats to give her when she did them right. They worked at it for a while every day that week and each time she got better at each command.

Before they knew it, it was time for the Dog Show and they had a special trick up their sleeve that they all worked very hard on in their training with Peaches.

They all walked up on stage and they were ready to begin! 

“Peaches, sit!” yelled Spike. She did it!! 

“Lay down!” Hippy called out to her. Peaches did this all with ease. 

Dapper Dane shouted “Play dead, Peaches!” She did so with a bark! 😛

Burden Bear called out, “Go fetch your toy!” She came back with the toy.

All of the boys held their breath and their counselors cheered on the sidelines for them and Peaches. 

“Peaches, roll!” all the boys said in unison. 

Peaches jumped up onto the big ball they had put out and she jumped up sat down on top of it, doing a terrific balancing act! The crowd went wild!

The campers thought for sure they won!! 

When they heard that the dog, Sunny, won the best in show, they were a bit disappointed, but they were proud of their efforts. 

image (7)

They even got a group picture with E-E at the end, with Peaches doing her final trick, chew toy and all! 

And that, dear readers, is how these campers learned to work together, to keep going, and they taught Peaches some awesome tricks!I hope you enjoyed it and we thank you, Diamond, for allowing us to be here today! 

Until next time, campers!  



Assistant Director of Furry Friends Week 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this sweet friend!! I am having trouble seeing the photos, although that might just be on my end.
    Thanks again!
    -kaelyn and the stuffies 😛

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      1. Hmm, that’s odd! Let me check real fast and see how it is on my end again.
        No, they are still not working for me. 😦 It might just be on my end then. Thank you for looking into it though!
        -kaelyn 😛

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