Colorful Creations Camp ~ Guest Post by Julia

Hello friends! Today we have a guest post from Julia! I really enjoyed reading it, and I hope you do too!


“I don’t know what I’m doing here.” A disgruntled camper grumbled, picking at her black sleeves. 


“Do any of us?” Impatient cowgirl boots tapped against the camp headquarters floor. “I’m not an artist.”

“Me neither.”

“Artist is my opposite.”

The four campers were unanimous – they weren’t happy to be at an art camp. 


“I’m a TikToker, I’m a fashionista. Not a painter. And where is our camp counselor?”


Just then, a brightly colored – neon hairthing and skirt – young lady dashed in. “So sorry I’m late! Welcome to Colorful Creations Camp!”


“I can’t stay long, I have a painting that I have to check on in a second before the paint dries. Your assignment for your first day at camp  is to create the letters L, I, V, and E in colorful 3D projects!”

“But we’re not artists!”

“Find the art in life!” Her vague statement hung over their heads as she waltzed out of the room. 


After a bit of confused discussion, Sophia finally spoke up, flipping her black braid over her shoulder. “I only like baking. I don’t know what else I’m going to do.”


“There’s a kitchen next door,” Trina offered, speaking up from behind her book that she had hunkered down with. Sophia’s eyes lit up and she disappeared, leaving the other two, Jessica and Kendra, behind. 


“I might as well make a TikTok,” Jessica stood beside the camp sign and started dancing. 


Sophia burst back in, arms full of aprons. “Come on, we might as well have fun! Or at least, food.”


In just over an hour, four girls had made a huge mess and a double layer buttercream cake in the shape of a V. 


After eating the mini cake, three girls dispersed to come up with more ideas and Sophia decorated her cake. 


“That’s so going on Instagram!” Jess squealed, whipping out her phone. 


“I found my idea in the craft room,” she added.


“This will totally count for I.” she nodded at the clothespin doll wrapped in cheery yellow cloth.


Kendra, the nature enthusiast, offered a contribution of cloth flower petals she had found in a nearby bin.


“Tada!” Jess set her ‘I’ on the table. “Done with my part.”


Kendra headed outside to the campgrounds, searching for something inspiring in her natural hangout place.


“These flowers are pretty…” she mused, picking a few.


In a few minutes, she had a collection of twigs and stems and leaves for her letter.


Meanwhile, Trina had found an old poster from a writing camp earlier in the summer. “This’ll do…” she mumbled as she snipped away. 


When the girls reconvened and met their camp counselor, they presented their projects of the day. 

“I’m not an artist, I just like reading. But I figured I could make a book-end L out of this poster of books.” Trina shrugged and held out her creation.

“I don’t like drawing unless it’s sketching outfits and this definitely counts as an I.” Jess handed over her I, a ballgown-adorned doll.

“I like baking but I’m not the best at decorating.” Sophia served her brightly colored cake.

“And I doubt this counts, but it’s nature’s offering.” Kendra held up her leafy E.

The girls’ camp counselor smiled at the array of art. “See, girls? You said you weren’t artists, but you are each creators. Every letter here represents one of your lives, your interests and your passions, a part of who you are. Art is not just some prized painting for a museum, it’s life itself. There’s beauty everywhere – in the library, in the closet, in the kitchen, outdoors. To live is to create.”

Wasn’t that amazing?

5 thoughts on “Colorful Creations Camp ~ Guest Post by Julia

  1. Such a cute post. I think it is really cool how the girls found art in the things they love. Cause really art is everywhere and in some way we are all artists. In a way, this was very inspiring.

    -Liberty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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