Book Club


“Hello friends! Today we’re having a book club for the daily event, and we will be discussing some of our favorite books. I’m your host, Summer, and this is my co-host Starburst! I hope you enjoy this book club! The Super Adventurers can start us off.”


“Well, uh, I chose Harry Potter. It’s about wizards, but I assume everyone knows that by now…”


“My book is about pirates who go on a quest to steal magical peanuts.”

“Mischief, did you even read that book?”

“Uhhhhh, no?”


“Um, this book didn’t have words. I mean, it did have words, but not a lot of them. It was just pictures.”


“I actually read my book,” Cloud bragged. “It’s about superheroes and villians and I really like all of the different superpowers.


“I chose the Hunger Games. It’s a story of survival, and it has a lot of nature scenes. I enjoyed that.”


“Okay! Now it’s time for the Cheerful Ladybugs to tell us about their books,”


“I don’t really like reading, but Sparkles made me read this one. Anyway, I was really glad she did, because I really liked it! It’s got magic and adventure, and I really just loved it!”


“I read a lot. I really like the Lunar Chronicles though, because it is like science-fiction fairytales!”


“This one has a really nice atmosphere. It’s like the circus or something.”


“Okay! Now the Bold Butterflies are up.”


“My favorite thing about this book is the magic. People can make magic by using words. I think that’s really cool.”


“I like historical fiction! This one was about a girl who grew up during the Revolutionary War.”


“Fairytales are the only way to go for me. I liked this one about the queen of hearts. It also involves a lot of food, so it might make you hungry.”


“I like Sci-Fi. This one is about a girl who is trying to become a pilot. I thought it was really cool.”


“Last but not least, we have the Campfire Crew! Tell us about your books.


“This one is about a girl who wants to be a baker. Um, I thought it was cool I guess.”


“I don’t really have time to read because there are so many things I’d rather do. So, I picked this one about gymnastics. I learned a lot from it.”


“I like fairytales a lot. But I think my favorite would have to be Cinderella.”

“This concludes our book club! Tell us about your favorite book in the comments!”

5 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Hey! This was soo fun to go through! I love the HP and Percy Jackson series and, I’ve seen the movie “an American girl : Grace” it’s really good!! Amazing book club❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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