6 Posts to Get You in a Battle of the Bear Bands Mood ~ Camp Happy Heart 2020

Hello friends! Due to a last minute cancellation by one of our guest posters, I can’t give you an awesome new post today. But, I can give you links to some of our best music related posts so far! Hopefully that will get you in a Battle of the Bear Bands mood.

Our Summer Playlist – Camp Happy Heart 2019

10 New Songs (Melodious Monday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2019)

A Peek at Our Instruments – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Photoshoot with Petal (Photography with Pumpkin ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2019)

DIY Guitar – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Band Performance – Camp Happy Heart 2019

I hope you enjoyed these posts! Join us tomorrow for the cmap dance party!

7 thoughts on “6 Posts to Get You in a Battle of the Bear Bands Mood ~ Camp Happy Heart 2020

  1. mini-in-comments-guest-post:

    “Campers, please make your way over here,” a counselor began to call. “It is time to chose instruments for the practice Battle of the Bear Bands.” Which was something they rarely did but decided to do this year. They basically practice practicing for the real Battle of the Bear Bands.

    After the call, Cherry and Candy ran over to the table and picked up the flute and the keyboard. They knew they were going to be partners. And Cloud and Mischief Also wanted to be partners; they picked up the drums and guitar.

    Eventually, all the mini teams were decided and the practice began.

    Cherry and Candy wanted to play a soothing classical song, while Cloud and Mischief wanted to play a loud rock song. So, of course, it was hard for Cherry and Candy to practice in their cabin with the super-loud sounds from Cloud and Mischief.

    But finally, night came and it was time for the Practice Battle of the Bear Bands. And Everyone was ready to play, except Cherry and Candy. They thought they knew all the parts, but when it was time to go up on stage they realized that the noise from the boy’s cabin distracted them from practicing.

    “Oh, no,” cried Cherry to Candy, “what should we do?”

    “What’s the matter?” Asked Cloud, walking up to them.

    “We forgot our parts. There was too much noise while we were trying to practice,” she responded. Trying not to throw him under the bus.

    “Oh no,” Cloud gasped, “I bet it was all our fault. I should’ve known we were making too much noise.”

    “It’s okay, Candy walked up to the conversation.

    “Well I’m sorry, but just do your best, I know you can do it.” Cloud cheered.

    So they did, even though they had no idea what they were doing, they nailed the song and did everything almost perfect. And guess what? They came in Second Place! Horray!

    And that’s it. I made it up as I went so it is not that good, but I hope you like it.
    -Liberty ❤

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    1. Aww! I love this! I thought about asking you if you could do the guest post this week, but then I thought it was probably too short notice. But look at you! You did it anyway! I loved this, thank you so much for writing it.

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      1. No problem! Glad I was able to help and happy you like it.

        (Also, if it nothing to difficult or long, I am always up for last minute projects!)

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