Sparkles has Stage Fright? ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Today Sparkles will be narrating the photostory. Enjoy!


Tomorrow, I would have to go on stage and perform as part of the bear band. All of my cabin was practicing for it. None of us were particularly good at anything, we were just playing for fun. But I still seemed to be doing the worst, despite the fact that I’d practiced a lot since last year.


Cali was singing her heart out. She would have no problem singing in front of the whole camp.


My hands shook as I practiced my cello. Despite my practice, I still played it about the same as I did last year. If you were wondering, it wasn’t all that good.


Swirl practiced the trumpet. She didn’t sound all that good either, but she wasn’t nervous over it.


“I give up!” I threw my hands up in defeat.


“What’s wrong?” Cali stopped singing and came over to me.


“Yeah,” Swirl hopped off the bed. “I thought you sounded pretty good.”


“I don’t want to sound pretty good. I was pretty good last year. But I still sound the same. I need to be better,” I sighed.


“None of us are professionals! I think Petal’s the ony one who takes music lessons or anything. You’ll do fine,” Swirl comforted.


“But I did fine last year. I want to be great this year!” I retorted.


“Let’s hear you play,” Cali requested.


I nervously went back over to my cello.


I took a deep breath and looked over at my friends. They gave reassuring smiles and gestured for me to begin. I calmed a little. Cali and Swirl were some of my most trusted friends. I knew they would understand if I missed a few notes.


I began playing.


I played and played. I was so proud of myself for only missing one note!


“That was amazing!” Swirl clapped.


“Yeah I did good then, but what will I do when I have to play for the whole camp?” I gulped.


Swirl and Cali gathered around me. “We’re all going to up there playing. None of us are very good. It won’t matter if you miss one, two, or even a hundred notes! We’re just there to have fun,” Cali reassured.

I weakly smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Do you think I’ll do well in my performance tomorrow?”

4 thoughts on “Sparkles has Stage Fright? ~ Life at Camp Photostory

  1. Don’t worry, Sparkles, I think you’ll do just fine!! And even if you don’t, I’ll still be cheering you on; like your friends said, we’re just there to have some fun! Don’t be frightened!! 😀


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