DIY Passports

Hello friends! Today I have a craft for you all! Before we get into this, I want to let you know that this is not my best craft! I didn’t have a whole lot of materials, so I had to improvise…


You will need: paper, tape, markers & pens, and scissors.


Now, here’s where you would typically cut the paper into strips. Since I didn’t know where my scissors were, I ripped the paper. Hehe, it kind of worked!


Now, you’re going to fold the paper to the size that you think the passport should be.


And…trim(or rip)the excess.


Tape down the middle,


Then, you need to color the front. You can do this whatever color you like, but I chose black.


Write “Passport” on the cover.


You can also write details inside, like your camper’s name, or where they’ve been.


Tye loves his new passport!

Remember, if you made this craft(or just have any photos of camp!) send pictures to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com! We are running out of time, and it would be awesome to have multiple entries in the reader photos post!

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