Last Day of Camp (pt.1) ~ a Life at Camp Photostory

{Claire’s POV}


“IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!” Cherry screamed, right in everyone’s ear.




“But it’s so early,” I groaned. It was early. Our counselor normally came to make sure we were up at 7:45 so that we had enough time to get ready for breakfast. Even though Treasure was known to be a little late sometimes, I didn’t think that was the case today.


“It’s the last day of camp!” Cherry sighed. “We have to make the most of what little time we left.”


“Oh,” I sighed. I couldn’t wait to go back home. I’d been getting sick of camp ever since reading week. It wasn’t that camp wasn’t fun, but I missed my mom and dad. I missed sleeping in my own bed. I even missed my mom’s cooking. But apparently, none of my fellow campers agreed.


At breakfast, I sat with my cabinmates. Petal and Cherry talked about how much they were going to miss camp. I just tried to tune them out.


Tired of the conversation, I quickly ate my breakfast and headed to tell my brother when my mom would be here.


“Mom says she’ll be here at 2,” I announced.

“Great,” he replied sarcastically. Why wasn’t anyone excited to go home?


After breakfast, it was time to pack up our cabins.


I neatly folded up my bedding. The quicker I packed up, the quicker I could go home.


Before too long, I was all packed up.


Cherry started sniffling.


“Are you okay?” I asked her.


“I don’t want to go home!” she wailed.

“I don’t either,” Petal sighed. “But if camp went on forever, it wouldn’t be as fun.”

“I do want to go home,” I added. “I started to get homesick a while ago, and I can’t wait to go back and see my parents again.”

“There are some things I miss at home,” Cherry admitted.

“Besides, we still get to come back next year,” Petal added.


We quickly ate lunch.


We cleaned the cabin as quickly as possible.


It was a little sad to see the cabin bare. But I couldn’t wait to get back home.


I gave my cabinmates a hug. I was going to miss them.


Treasure also came to tell us goodbye. She was crazy, but I was going to miss her.


I ran up to my mom. She gave us a hug. I was so happy to see her.


After she walked us to the car, she asked, “How was your day?”

“You would not believe the day I had,” Rudy replied.


“My day was really good. I’m really glad to be going back home,” I replied.

Stay tuned tomorrow to read about today from Rudy’s perspective!

P.S. Don’t forget to send camp photos to Diamond at worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com!

6 thoughts on “Last Day of Camp (pt.1) ~ a Life at Camp Photostory

  1. Awww sweet! It is kind of sad that camp is ending! I know it has been bittersweet for my campers from Stuffed Stories! Loved this photo story! Sry I have not been commenting as much since I have been on vaca!!
    -kaelyn 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I know!
      There’s always next year though. (Which reminds me, I was thinking that if/when I do CHH 2021, you’d possibly be interested in co hosting? I mean, I’m just throwing the idea out there and I know plans change quickly, so I don’t need a definitive answer. Just wanted to see if you’d even be interested)
      Thank you! No problem, I get it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For sure, I know my stuffies are so excited for camp next year. You would want me to co-host next year??! I would love too!! I would adore doing that, but if anything changes for any reason, I will let you know! Thank you so much, friend!
        -kaelyn and the stuffies 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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