Camp Happy Heart Reader Photos/News

Hello friends! Camp Happy Heart 2020 has nearly come to a close. Today is our reader photos post! We only got one submission, but that’s okay. I have some updates we can share instead.

Kaelyn’s Submission


This is Kaelyn’s bear Socky with her volleyball from our DIY Volleyball post! Doesn’t it look fantastic? Also, Kaelyn made some really cool CHH themed post on her blog, Stuffed Stories! Make sure to check those out if you haven’t already.

Looking Forward

Since we only got the one submission, I’m going to share some things that are coming up! I’m excited to begin blogging outside of camp again.

Surprise for IH12OP Blogiversary

I have something really cool coming up for the IH12OP blogiversary! Make sure to tune in on August 4th to discover what it is!

BABAD, BAB Takeover Week, Aftershock

I am so excited to start back these segments in August! BAB Takeover Week is back. In September, we’re even planning on having a themed Back to School Week. If it goes well, we’ll have more themed weeks in the future.

BABAD will be really cool. Claire and Brownie will be featured this month. However, we still need a bear to feature in September, so vote here!

Aftershock is really coming along. I already have part 4 written, and I think there will be 8-9 episodes. It will either end in January or February, and there will be a Q&A! I think it will be really cool.

National Teddy Bear Day

National Teddy Bear Day is on September 9th! Of course, I have to do something. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I’m thinking maybe a photoshoot of all the bears.


I’ve already started planning for Halloween! I have a few ideas, but the only thing that’s set in stone is the annual fashion show. I also want to do another Halloween photostory though. I’m just not sure what.


Oh boy. I didn’t think I had any ideas for Christmas, but apparently I do? I started writing and I wrote about 30 ideas? Anyway, some of my favorite ideas are live nativity, decorating for Christmas, A Christmas Carol photo series, lyric photoshoots, an Aftershock Christmas, and Christmas Caroling.

New BAB Area

That brings me to my next item of business. If I’m going to have all these plans, I need an area. I’m currently working on making a space for the bears. Hopefully I can have something by Christmastime!

New Profiles

In January, I would like to do family portraits and do an overhaul of the profile pages.


I don’t have a date for this, but would you guys be interested in a Photostory-a-thon? It would be one week of photostories. If it went well, I could even do a Photoshoot-a-thon, or Craft-a-thon or something. What do you guys think?

Anyway, I think that’s enough news for now. Stay tuned for the recap tomorrow!

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