The Best of Camp Happy Heart (Treasuriffic Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week August 2020)

It’s been a long time. Much too long.

Hello my glorious fans! It is I, Treasure! I have returned from Camp Happy Heart, and I am ready to tell you all about my time there. I had a blast pulling pranks and bossing my campers around. Let’s take a look at the highlights, shall we?


Here I am welcoming Tye to camp. I was the only counselor not otherwise occupied, so I had to be the one to welcome him. I think the other counselors think they outrank me just because they’ve all been a counselor longer than me. Well. That doesn’t mean I was happy to do all the boring stuff. I made sure to add a certain, Treasure flair to my greeting. Or shall I say, Pleasure flair?


Here I am during Once Upon a Time week. I was being a princess and bossing everyone around. It was glorious.


Here I am winning at volleyball during Athletic week.


I posed with my cabin’s dog during Furry Friends week. I was disappointed that my cabin didn’t choose a cat.


Oh, now this was fun! I helped Mischief play his green food prank! (I didn’t however, have anything to do with his soap prank. That was all him.)


I painted some. That was somewhat fun.


One prank I pulled on my cabin was making them think they were in the wrong cabin. That was amazing.


Ugh, here I am reading to my campers. Don’t worry, I’m not usually this nice. Peri promised me extra ice cream if I read to them, so I reluctantly agreed to it.


Ooh, this was fun! On the day of the band performance, I woke my campers up bright and early with my lovely singing voice.


The last photo I have for you today is when I posted the sign-ups for our talent show. I made sure to sign my name in all the slots. Wouldn’t that make a nice talent show? Ah. Well, Peri made me take the sign-ups down after that. Something about “the talent show being for the campers,” or something like that.

Anyway, I know you enjoyed this! Keep an eye out for my next post!

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