What-We-Did-For-Twilight’s-Birthday Wednesday


I know it’s a bit later than our typical posts. Do I look like I care? I’m Twilight. Without me, there wouldn’t even be a blog.

Anyway, my birthday was on Saturday. I’m going to tell you about it now.

I woke up to my family cheering for me. I normally would have been incredibly annoyed by this, but it was my birthday after all. I was pretty glad that everyone remembered.

Berry made me pancakes. She dyed them purple and I quite enjoyed them.

Then, we played some games together. I won at all of them, naturally.

We decided to take a ride around town. I made sure my bear mates put signs on the car that said it was my birthday. We had a lot of people honk at us because of that(or maybe it was Peri’s horrific driving)

After our drive, I arrived home to the smell of birthday cake! It had purple icing. I expected nothing less. We ate cake and I got lots of presents. Nothing quite like I was hoping for, but I did get some new clothes. I just loved the fact that people spent money on me.

Cloud and I played some video games too. I enjoyed that.

We had my favorite meal for dinner. It was really good.

Finally, we ended off the night watching a couple of my favorite movies. I had a great day.

How do you spend your birthdays?


9 thoughts on “What-We-Did-For-Twilight’s-Birthday Wednesday

  1. Ooh Twilight’s got personalityyy! Happy late birthday 😀
    “Then, we played some games together. I won at all of them, naturally.” That literally happens to me on my birthdays hahah! My family will play my favorite games with me on that day, and obviously my favorite games are the ones I’m very good at. Automatic champion. XD
    Ooh purple birthday cake! Yum!

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