Camp Happy Heart Goal Reflection

Hello friends! Today I’m going to be reviewing my goals that I made for Camp Happy Heart! Let’s see how I did.

More Participation

This one depends on you guys, but I’m hoping for a little more participation this year! Last year turned out better than I ever expected, and I’m hoping for even more participation this year! You guys can help out by sending in pictures of your dolls or stuffies participating in camp, making the crafts, commenting on posts, and spreading the word. Tell any friends or siblings who might be interested, and it would do me a huge favor if you mentioned CHH on one of your blogs!

Hm, I’m not sure about this one. I mean, I have gotten more mentions/comments this year, but I didn’t get quite as many reader photos. I think I’ll count this as a 0.5 point.

Higher Quality Posts

I’m really hoping that this summer will be better than last year as far as posts too. I think this year’s posts will be more purposeful. I also planned less posts this year, so that should help a lot with the quality of posts I do end up making.

Yes! I’m pretty sure all of the posts were fairly high quality, with maybe a few exceptions. Anyway, I consider this one a win!

Don’t Wait til the Last Minute to Make These Posts

Last year, I may have put off writing some of the posts until the last minute. I really don’t want to do that this year, so my goal is to have each week scheduled before it starts. But, that’s kind of unlikely, so my real goal is to have each post scheduled the day before it’s supposed to be scheduled.

If you read last week’s post, you know I did FANTASTIC at this. The only posts I didn’t get up at 9:00 a.m. were some of the guest posts, but I can’t really control that.

Reach 1000 Pageviews

We actually received 1,122 pageviews during camp last year, but it was also 3 months long instead of 2. I don’t know if we’ll make it to 1000 this year, but it depends on you guys!

Yes! We surpassed 1,000! Thank you guys so much!

Maintain the Schedule

Yeah, I really want to stick to the schedule that I’ve made. The schedule is a craft, photostory, photoshoot, show, and guest post every week.

Yep! I’m pretty sure every week had all of these. Except, the guest posts, but again, that’s not really my fault.

Focus More On The Bears/Life at Camp

One of the complaints of last year was that I wasn’t spending that much time on the bears experience at Camp. Well, this year, I plan to do a weekly photostory to fix that issue. Let’s see how it goes!

I mean, I didn’t make every post a photostory, but I do think I did a lot better than last year.

Improve the Setting

I mean, the setting last year wasn’t bad, I just want something that I can be proud of.

The setting looks so much better! Especially the band photoshoot!

Okay, so I achieved 6.5/7 of my goals! I think I did amazing! I can’t wait until next year.


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