Aftershock Episode 4

It’s time for Aftershock again! I can’t wait to share with you all the next few episodes, as it’s getting really good! Aftershock will probably be 8-9 episodes (not including the Christmas Special or Prologue), but there will be a season 2! I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.

Anyways, make sure to refresh your memory, since it’s been a while.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


As soon as we exited the plane, I caught a glimpse of the subject leaving the restaurant. Tori hid behind a wall, and prepared to grab him. Andy walked straight up to him and held out a pair of handcuffs.

“We’re going to have to ask you to come with us,” he asked.

The super ducked and ran off.

“Not so fast,” Tori caught him, placing him in handcuffs. “We just want to talk.”

“I’m not telling you anything!” the man sputtered.


I joined my team as we escorted the super into our plane. We tied him into a chair and began our conversation.

I mainly observed the others.

“We don’t want to hurt you. Now, can you tell me your name?” Tori asked.

“If you don’t want to hurt me, why did you tie me up?” the man asked.

“The lady asked for your name,” Andy snapped.


“Uh, John, ” he replied.

“Okay, John. Can you tell us about your powers?” Tori asked.

“Powers? What are you talking about?”

“You heard her!” Andy barked. “Tell us about your powers!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” John whined.

“I don’t actually think he knows,” I added.

Tori looked at me. Then, she glanced back at John. “Do you have any idea why you’re here?”

“I don’t even know where ‘here’ is!”

“Have you ever noticed that you’re different than others? Super, perhaps?” Tori asked.

“Are you saying I’m…one of those super freaks?” he was shaking.

“You’re not a freak, John! Supers do so much good in the world!” I piped up.


“Look, you have two choices right now. You either join us, LoS,” Andy began, producing the serum. “Or, you can take this. It will strip you of your powers.”

“I want the serum.” John decided.

“You don’t want to put more thought into this?” I gasped. If I had superpowers, I couldn’t imagine getting rid of them.

“Nope,” he replied.

“If you’re sure,” Andy said, handing him the serum.

John drank the serum.

“Is that all?” he asked.

“You may feel nauseated for the rest of the day, but your powers should be gone now,” Tori explained.

“So, I can go now?” John asked.

“Sure. We don’t have any more use for you,” Andy announced.

John was escorted out by Andy.


“I’m going to go to my quarters now,” I sighed.

I felt sick. It was wrong to strip someone of their powers like that. John didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t deserve to get his powers stripped away only a few seconds after finding out he had powers. LoS wasn’t what I imagined it to be.

Well, what did you think? Would you ever choose to take away your powers if you had them?

P.S. BAB Takeover Week will be Back to School themed in the month of September! Make sure to check back starting on Tuesday.

Also, future Diamond here! You can now check out Episode 5 here!

23 thoughts on “Aftershock Episode 4

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like I’m able to improve each part and help the readers get to know these characters more as time goes on. I’m glad that you feel the same.
      (Also. I have been planning out and future Aftershocks, and I’m REALLY excited for them😁)

      It means a lot to me that you keep coming back to these!

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