How To Be Friendly To Everyone (Friendship Friday BAB Takeover Week ~ September 2020)

Hello friends! In honor of the Back-To-School themed takeover week, we’re doing a post on how to be friendly to everyone. Dreamy and I have compiled tips on how we feel you can best do this. I hope you learn something!


This can be huge, and it’s really, really simple. It literally does not inconvenience you at all to smile at someone. Just smile whenever you see people. It can make you into a very friendly person. It also makes you seem more approachable.

Don’t ignore anyone

Okay, so when people are talking, don’t ignore them! I’m not saying that if someone interrupts your conversastion you should devote your full attention to them or anything, but just try to pay attention when others are talking to you.

Introduce yourself

This is very important if you want to have friends! You can’t be friends with someone if you don’t know who you are. Say hi and tell others your name and maybe a little about you. Any place is good to start!

Sit with someone who looks lonely

This can help out a lot. If you see someone sitting alone, maybe sit with them? It doesn’t have to be hard, but it lets the person know that they aren’t alone in the world.

Try to include others

This kind of goes along with some of our other tips, but try to make sure others feel included! I would hate it if Teacup and Pumpkin were talking and laughing, and I was just by myself. So, when you see someone who’s being left out, try to talk to them and see if they want to join in your group of friends!

Talk to others & ask them questions

Along with that last one, you need to talk to people! Ask them questions about themselves and learn about them. They’ll probably ask you questions and all too, and then you’ll both get to know each other. Plus, questions can keep people engaged, that way you aren’t talking about yourself the whole time.

Be Kind

Finally, simply be kind. Kind is synonomus with friendly for a reason!

I hope you enjoyed these friendship tips! Let me know your best tip on how to be friendly in the comments!

P.S. If you liked the school photos in 2018 and 2019, you’re in for a treat tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “How To Be Friendly To Everyone (Friendship Friday BAB Takeover Week ~ September 2020)

  1. I loved reading these tips Diamond! Over the years, I’ve been the new person in different social settings, and it always stands out to me when someone in the group goes out of their way to include me. It means a lot, and knowing they’ve welcomed me in is a great feeling 🙂 I make sure to do the same for anyone else who’s new – I include them, ask them questions, and act welcoming.

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