School Photos 2020 (Small-Fry Saturday ~ BAB Takeover Week September 2020)

Hello friends! It’s time for you guys to see our school photos again! We had a lot of fun with them.


Here’s the whole school! It was hard to get every one of us looking at the camera, but here’s our best group shot! I think it looks pretty good.


Here’s the 5th grade! (Diamond said last year that she wasn’t going to move us up a grade, but she did anyway! It will probably depend on the year from here on out.)


The 4th graders.


The 3rd grade class.


Finally, we have the 2nd graders.


Next, we have shots of siblings! Here’s Rudy and Claire.


Me and Mischief.


Swirl and Petal.


And…the whole Stone crew!

Okay, now onto indiviual photos.


Chip is glad to be learning some Biology this year.


Sandy is happy to be learning more English. She’s developed a liking to it.


Gracie is just happy to get new clothes.


It’s Tye’s first year here at this school, but he fits right in! We’re happy to have him.


Petal is simply grateful to have something to do again.


I’m happy that I get to learn alongside my cousins again.


Cherie can’t wait for reading time. She wants to read at least 100 books this year!


Cherry is disappointed that she can’t play all day anymore.


Swirl says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, but she’ll probably change that later, because she hates science class.


Candy just likes being the center of everyone’s attention.


Rudy can’t wait for P.E. He’s missed track.


Claire has decided that she’s going to get straight A’s this year.


Cloud wishes there was a class on superheroes.


Cali is just happy to be hanging out with Mischief and me every day again.


Mischief hopes to pull a few pranks on his class.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our photoshoot!

P.S. Tomorrow we have a caption it challenge!

10 thoughts on “School Photos 2020 (Small-Fry Saturday ~ BAB Takeover Week September 2020)

  1. Your bears are so loving looking and completely adorable. I love all of the clothes and accessories. I have two blogs on this site. I have the blog which is what you’ll find if you click on me, but I have a separate build a bear blog that is all dictated by different build a bears and has all different pictures of my build a bears doing different things in it. I love you’re idea of having them be part of a school that’s awesome. You are very creative. I can’t wait to see more of your bears. They are great.

    Liked by 1 person

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