Caption My Photo! (Photography with Pumpkin ~ BAB Takeover Week September 2020)

Hello friends! I know we’ve done posts like this before with Say What Saturdays, but I felt like doing one myself! This is from the day I took school photos with the school age BABs. It turned out pretty silly…

Tell me what’s going on in this photo! I certainly have no idea…

Whoever has the best caption will get a shoutout in our house/studio tour! Which, I have permission to tell you is going to be really fun! Also, it should be out on September 18th. Make sure to keep an eye out for it!

Don’t forget to comment what is happening in this photo!

17 thoughts on “Caption My Photo! (Photography with Pumpkin ~ BAB Takeover Week September 2020)

  1. The bear on the right: Look! Rudolph’s in my backpack!
    Bear on the left (floor): Cool! I wonder what would happen if we taped Rudolph’s ears back…
    Pumpkin: HAHA! I’m going to brush her fur and she’ll never know what hit her!

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  2. Ooh, nice caption!

    I should have mentioned who was who😂 Sorry if I confused you in any way! Mischief is the one with the backpack, Sparkles is the one with tape and Tye has the brush. I (Pumpkin) took the photo.

    Thanks for commenting!

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  3. —Flpoating in space—
    Big bear at the back:Okay, guys time to clean up and sleep in space! HELLO?! I SAID STAP WITH THE SCOTCH TAPE AND STAP HAVING RUDOLPH OUTTA YOUR TUMMY LIKE BRO.
    Boi with the tape: Uh-huh yeah, can’t live without it.
    Rudolph guy: UHM EXUSE ME, HE’S MY BABY.

    Ogey, this is very weird but uhm I didn’t have that much time to think bout it…uhhh sarrrryyyy, but that’s all I could do, Loveveve, Srisha xx

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  4. They’re preparing for a trip around the galaxy and Mischief wants to bring her backpack, Sparkles wants to finishing taping the holes in the spaceship (caused by Mischief), and Tye is brushing her hair—she wants to look fabulous in case they encounter aliens. ;P

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