8 Productivity Tips (Marvelous Mondays with Eden ~ BAB Takeover Week September 2020)

Hello friends! Eden if back with another Marvelous Monday! It’s Back-to-School themed, so today Eden will give you some of her best productivity tips.

(Eden talks about herself in third person, in case anyone were to get confused)

Make a small, but efficient to-do list

Eden suggests that you make a small to-do list. That way, you are not worried about how much stuff you have to do in a day. If there is a task like eating, chances are you will remember to do that even if you do not add it to your to-do list. Also, Eden thinks it may be helpful to add wants to your to-do list. That way, you can make time for those too.

Work for 30 minutes, then take a break

The second suggestion Eden has for you all today is to work for a certain amount of time, and then take a break. Maybe 30 minutes of working and a 5 minute break works well for you. Maybe you’d rather work for an hour and have a 20 minute break. Whatever makes it to where you are taking enough breaks, but not enough to where you are spending more time on breaks than actually working.

Remove distractions

Eden also thinks that it can be helpful to eliminate distractions. Maybe you need to put your phone on silent in order to not get distracted by it. Maybe you work better if you shut your door so you don’t have to hear other people in your house. Either way, find out things that distract you and eliminate your distractions!


This one can be helpful for some people, and harmful to others, so don’t do it if you can’t. Anyway, if you are someone who can focus on multipe things at a time, do it! Maybe you can listen to music while doing homework, or watch TV while cleaning your house. Also, sometimes you can multi-task while eating to save time.

Focus on the important stuff

Try to get the stuff that absolutely need to get done first. Even if there are two things that really need to get done, try to get the one that is more work out of the way first. There won’t be time to do everything, so sometimes you have to cut things from your to-do list.


Eden mentioned music earlier while talking about multi-tasking, but she’d like to bring it up again. Music can make boring tasks a little better, so find some music that you like and listen to it while completing your tasks! It will put you in a better mood.

Reward yourself

You need to reward yourself for good behavior! Like, say after you finish x amount of work then you’ll buy yourself a nice shirt you’ve been wanting. Or, maybe if you finish your to-do list early, you’ll watch a movie that night. It can be good to give yourself motivation to finish your projects.

Have a clean workspace

Finally, Eden has one more tip for you. If you keep a clean workspace, it can make your work go quicker. So, if you are struggling to get your work done, maybe spend a few minutes tidying up your workspace. It can make things go more smoothly.

Eden hopes you enjoy those tips! Ler her know your best productivity tip in the comments.

P.S. National Teddy Bear is on Wednesday. Diamond told Eden to let everyone know that she’s got a fun post planned.

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