House/Studio Tour

Hello Friends! This post has been years in the making, and I’m so glad I can finally show it to you all! The closest thing I have to a post like this is My BAB Blogging Area. That area was really small, and just simply didn’t work. For the longest time, I didn’t have a place for my bears. Well, I finally have a set place! I’m really happy to have this area.

I did do a Stuffie Home Lookbook back in August. It’s fun to look back now and see the things I implemented from that post.

Before I forget, I did say I was going to announce the winner of the caption it photo!

You guys made some really good captions, which made my job really hard!

The winner is…Emma Starr!

Emma’s Caption: “They’re preparing for a trip around the galaxy and Mischief wants to bring his backpack, Sparkles wants to finishing taping the holes in the spaceship (caused by Mischief), and Tye is brushing his hair—he wants to look fabulous in case they encounter aliens. ;P”

Wasn’t that hilarious? I thought it was. Be sure to check out the comments of the post to see the other girls’ captions.

Okay, before we get into the post, I want to apologize for the lighting of the photos. It’s raining, so the lighting isn’t that great. That’s what I get for waiting until the last minute…


Here’s an overview of the studio. I can’t really give you any other angles because part of the room is being used as storage. Maybe once that gets more organized I’ll do another tour. Anyway, I’m really glad to have this area because now I have somewhere to sit other than my bed, Yay!

Also, I don’t want to come across as spoiled, so let me kind of explain how I got this studio. We have this room in our house formerly called “the office.” The office had a table, a couch, bookcases, school stuff, craft stuff, and a ton of crap. The office wasn’t really being used for anything but junk. I had all of my AG stuff in there(from back in the day), and it was just pretty disorganized. Anyway, over the summer I decided to clean up the office and use it for myself! It took a while, but eventually I tidied it up and made it into my studio!

Anyway, you probably just came see the tour, so I’ll get back into that.


Here is the couch. It has a blanket and some stuffed animals on it.


Above the couch, I have a bulletien board. On it, I have a couple paintings, a blogging calendar, and plans for Christmas. I put my blogging schedule on the calendar, but at this point in the month, that’s pretty much out the window. So I don’t feel bad for sharing that, hehe!


Here’s an overview of the house.


Let’s take a closer look at the levels of the house. On the top, I have the camper, a crate full of fall decorations(that reminds me! I need to decorate for fall!), and a ton of the BABs.


Here’s the second level. On the left, we have some storage, so just ignore that. The middle is the kids’ room, and on the right we have a kitchen. Which, yes, I did spend $50 on a kitchen for Build a Bears at Wal-Mart. Was it worth it? I’d say so. Anyway, I’ve got an in depth kitchen tour coming up soon. In the kids room, I have the bunk beds from camp and a cheap set of drawers.

Also, if you’ll notice, the wallpaper in the house doesn’t go all the way up to the ceiling. Well, pictures don’t get the whole area most of the time, so it’s okay.


Here’s the bottom level. We have a bathroom, which has a mirror, vanity, and toilet.(don’t ask why I have a BAB sized toilet,) and an adult bedroom. The bed is Julie’s bed from AG, for those of you who don’t know.


The last room in the house is the living room. It has a living room set from Wal-Mart that I got a few years ago, along with a bunch of pink throw pillows.


It also has this art piece that I designed using some of the Stone Family photos! I’m really happy with it.


Moving on, here I have my desk area!


Under my desk, I have a trash can and a set of drawers. I don’t have much in the drawers, but it does have some stationary.


Here’s all the stuff that’s on the desk.


On the left, I have a stationary cup, a painting I did, a pencil sharpener, and a baby Groot statue.


Here, I have my Captain Marvel Pop!, some paintings, and a stapler.


This is my stack of notebooks. 12 of these notebooks(12!) are all filled with Stone story stuff. A couple notebooks are random, and I have my sketchbook, a planner, and blogging notebooks. I also have a painting on top.


Finally, I have my laptop and mouse. I don’t know how people just use touchpads. They’re so annoying!

I feel like this post turned out really long? Like, I thought this would be pretty short. But, all of you seemed excited for this post, so I hope you enjoyed!

Before you go, I’d love it if you could take my survey! I would love to have some input on how this blog has performed lately and what we can do in the future. It would mean a lot to me!

18 thoughts on “House/Studio Tour

  1. This was a great post! I’m glad you were able to use the studio and turn it into something you can enjoying blogging and taking pictures in. 😄💖 your BAB setup is so great! I love the little camper and the stuffed animals you have set up on the couch 💕
    I took the survey! Hope it helps! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay… woah!! Both your studio and the BAB home are looking fantastic. Everything about the place is perfect. And I love how you have your wee (GORGEOUS) paintings on display around the room – they definitely add a nice touch.

    Liked by 1 person

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