Kitchen Tour (Baking with Berry ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)


Hello friends! It is I, Berry, here to show you a tour of my kitchen. Recently, (as I’m sure you all know by now) us BABs have gotten our own space. A BAB house, if you will. I, of course, finally have my own kitchen and I no longer have to share Diamond’s! This makes me really, really, really excited! Anyway, I organized it just how I like it, and I’m going to show you how today. Here we go!


This is the overview of the kitchen. I think it looks really cool.


We’re going to start by talking about the fridge. On top, I store my Kitchenaid. I love how it’s just my size.


The freezer comes out like a drawer. I keep mostly ice cream and cake in here, but there is also a pizza.


Here’s what the fridge looks like when it’s open.


On the bottom shelf, I mostly keep beverages here. I also have two cartons of eggs.


The middle shelf has burgers and sandwiches. There’s also a bottle of root beer(it wouldn’t fit on the bottom, heehee!)


The top shelf has some breakfast food, a chicken, and a basket of produce. (No, we didn’t steal a Wal-Mart basket. We bought one of course. Why we bought one? I don’t know.)


In this door we have…more beverages! Though, in the middle compartment I put cheese and jam.


Here is our little dining area. We sometimes eat in the living room, but this small bar can fit two of us.


Our microwave.


We use the shelf beside the microwave for cereal storage.


I also hang my apron from it.


We have a cabinet full of bread! I bake a lot of bread.


Here’s the oven and stovetop! I hang my potholder on the oven.


This is a nice area for a shelf. I keep the salt/pepper shakers, a box of mac & cheese, cake mix, and olive oil there. Also, I can hang my spoons and spatulas underneath, so that’s nice.


My sink! Okay, so we have a lovely window, a cookbook, some paper towels, my dish drainer(I store it in the sink, okay?), a sponge, dish soap, hand soap, and containers of flour, sugar, and brown sugar.


We store our dishes in the dishwasher, because we don’t actually have a whole lot of cabinet space. But that’s okay! We pretty much just have the basic dishes, so I won’t go into detail on those.


Here are my shelves. I’ve got a basket of produce(for stuff that isn’t kept cold), some canned goods, pasta, flour, sugar, and snacks.


Whew! I hope you enjoyed my kitchen tour. I can’t wait to use this new kitchen for holiday baking and all sorts of things. What was your favorite part of my kitchen?

May you always be a blueberry!

P.S. Check out Eden’s tour of the fall decor tomorrow!

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