Aftershock Episode 6

It’s once again time for Aftershock! Let’s get right into this month’s episode. (also, I think these episodes get longer as time goes on…)

Well…after the obligatory recap of the series.


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Episode 2

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Andy, Tori and I made up our own games to pass the time while we were up in the sky. Sometimes they were simple card games, and other times they were a bit more unique to LoS.

Andy ran really fast.

“Ooh, you’re Zip!” Tori guessed correctly. We adapted charades to fit the LoS supers. “Okay, my turn.”

Tori looked puzzled as she and Andy swapped places.

“You’re Mr. Man!” I assumed.

Tori laughed. “Nope, I’m just trying to decide who I should be.”

Before Tori could begin, Baby rolled into the room. “New Mission! Report to Briefing Room!”

“Thank goodness,” I sighed. It had been over a month since the false positive mission.


I followed Baby into the Briefing Room. For once, I wasn’t the last one there. I checked the computer.

“Our mission today is to capture a known superhero. Does that happen much?” I asked.

“Not that I know of,” Andy replied.

“I’ve been at LoS the longest, and I only known of one of these types of missions,” Tori gulped. “It didn’t end well.”

“How many known superheroes are out there against LoS?” I was slightly afraid, but I still could understand why these people wouldn’t subject to LoS’s demands.

“That’s classified,” Tori replied. “I think only Mr. Man knows. Most of them stay under the radar. I wonder which one resurfaced.”


“Oh yeah,” I turned back to the computer. “Our mission is to track down Pyro.”

Andy and Tori froze.

“I’m guessing that’s not exactly good?” I groaned.

“I always thought Pyro was dead. We were told that she burned her house down and got trapped inside,” Tori explained. “That’s what we were told eight years ago when the last team went to capture a known superhero.”

“What happened to that team?” Andy cautiously asked.


“They were in the house with Pyro. No one made it out,” Tori sighed. “I need a moment,” she said, shoving her way out of the Briefing Room.

“Are you nervous about the mission?” I asked Andy.

“A little. But the three of us make a good team,” he replied.

Baby made an annoyed beeping sound. “Alright, the four of us,” he added.

I went to find Tori. It was time to suit up, but I just wanted to make sure she was okay.

I found her sitting on her bed, sniffling. I quietly entered her quarters.


“Is everything alright?” I softly asked.

Tori weakly smiled. “Yeah,”

“I know you better than that. Do you know how many sad movies we’ve watched together? You’ve laughed at every single one of them. It would take a lot to make you cry.”

“I know,” Tori hoarsely replied.

I put my arm around her. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Isn’t it almost mission time?” she asked.

“Yes. But some things are more important than missions.” I added.

Tori smiled at me. “Remember how there was a team that was a part of the first mission to capture Pyro?”

I nodded.

“My big sister was on that team. She was why I wanted to be a part of LoS. She always wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself. She saved so many people.”

“I was just out of high school when she went on that mission. It was the day that I applied to LoS. I begged her to stay behind. I wanted her to see me as soon as I found out if I got into LoS or not. But she was so dedicated to the cause.”

“When I first found out, I wanted to quit LoS. But, then I realized that she would want me to go on. She would want me to continue her legacy. I always believed that my sister died a hero. But, knowing that Pyro is still alive, I realize that…she died for nothing.”

“That’s not true,” I responded. “She still died doing what she believed was right. She was a hero.”


“I want to get Pyro. I have to make her pay for what she’s done,” Tori sighed.

“You will. We can finish what your sister started.” I encouraged.

“That’s another thing,” Tori gulped. “My sister was the best LoS agent there was. If she couldn’t beat Pyro, there’s no way I can.”

Tori stared into space. “I wonder if it’s ironic that I’ll probably follow right in her footsteps,” she sighed.

“Look at me.” I commanded. “We are going to capture Pyro, and she’s never going to get the chance to use her powers ever again.”

Even though I still hated the idea of a serum stripping you of all your power, I could see the appeal to it. If the serum meant people like Pyro couldn’t hurt people, maybe it was worth it.

We quickly suited up and joined Andy in the mission vehicle.

Well, what do you think? I’m sorry that wasn’t a complete episode(like, plot and conflict resolved and all), but it was getting really long, so I had to split it in two. I think these are getting better each month.

The next post should be an Eden Photoshoot for BABAD! See you then!

Ready for episode 7?

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