Twin Telepathy II (Twin Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2020)


“Hello folks! We’re back with a Twin Telepathy rematch! Now, for those of you who don’t remember, we’re pitting two sets of twins against each other to see which pair knows each other better. I’m your host, Tyler Dyler! Let’s meet our competitiors…”


“Firstly, we have Rudy and Claire. These two twins couldn’t be more different, but they are still very close.”


“Next, we have our reigning champs, Cherry and Cherie!”

“The rules are the same as last time. I took Cherie and Rudy aside and asked them a set of new questions. (So that they can’t practice with the last set,) Claire and Cherry have no idea what the questions were, so they’ll have to rely on their twin telepathy. Each team gets 20 seconds to write their answers. Are we ready?”


“Yes, but this time we’re going to win!” Claire determinedly announced.


“Well, I think we’ll provide a strong competition,” Cherie rebutted.

phantom shadow strikes again…

“Well on that note, I suppose we shall get started.”


“Let’s strengthen our mental bond,” Rudy whispered to Claire.

Claire squeezed her eyes closed, and we can only assume she mentally replied.

“Your first question is: what is your twin’s favorite Thanksgiving dish?”


“Turkey!” Cherry blurted out.

Cherie looked at her sister in disbelief. “I like dressing the best. I thought you knew that,”

“Ooh, Team C&C are already behind one point! But, maybe Team R&C didn’t get this one either.”


“Rudy loves apple pie,” Claire confidently replied.

Rudy smiled. “She’s right.”

“Next question, if your twin could only watch one sport for the rest of their life, what would it be?”


“Football,” Claire smugly answered.

“Pbh, I know for a fact Rudy prefers track. Anyway, Cherie would pick Gymnastics,” Cherry grinned.

“She’s not wrong,” Cherie replied.

“Well, I prefer to run track, but I would rather watch football,” Rudy announced. “Sorry guys,”


“Rudy and Claire are ahead. Name something your twin wants for Christmas.”


“Running shoes?” Claire hesitantly replied.

“No! I just got new running shoes!” Rudy snapped.

“Sorry,” Claire dejectedly sighed.

“Cherie wants toys!” Cherry proudly answered.


“No! That’s what you want Cherry. You’re always concerned with yourself,” Cherie retorted.


“It sounds like you guys need to find out what your twin actually wants before you go Christmas shopping! Anyway, on a scale of 1-10, how much does your twin love reading?”


“9!” Cherry confidently announced.

“That’s perfect!” Cherie celebrated.

“Rudy would say 2. He doesn’t absolutely hate it, but he doesn’t really like it either,” Claire gave her answer. “What a shame,” she muttered under her breath.

“One point for team Cherie and Cherry! Rudy actually said 3. You were close though! Who is your twin’s best friend?”


“Me!” Cherry blurted out.

“Cloud,” Claire replied.

“You both got it! Halfway though and both teams are tied. What song is on your twin’s mind right now?”


“I don’t know,” Cherry sighed.

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas. My mom’s been playing it nonstop since November 1st,” Claire rolled her eyes.

“She’s 100% correct,” Rudy answered.


“We need to improve our twin telepathy,” Cherie sighed, shifting positions.

“Okay, you try that. What is your twin’s favorite color to wear?”




“Are you sure you didn’t just guess that because she’s wearing purple?”

“I’m right though,”


“Red,” Claire noted.

“Good job. Which of our upcoming posts is your twin most looking forward to?”


“Small-Fry Saturday: Fall Party! She can’t wait to decorate.”

“All of the 25 Days of Christmas. I don’t think Rudy could choose, I sure couldn’t,” Claire admitted.


“Great job you two! What is your twin’s favorite subject in school?”


“English.” Cherry replied.

“I think…P.E.” Claire smiled.

“Both of you got that one!”


“Things are getting tense! We’re down to our final question. Cherry and Cherie can’t win at this point, but they can tie it up. Are we ready? Which of your aunts would your twin most want to hang out with?”


Cherry took a deep breath. “Aunt Starburst,”

“Yes! Now, if Claire and Rudy get it right, they win the game! What did you put Claire?”

“Aunt Peri. Her cooking is the best, Rudy always raves about it.”



“The final score is 7/10 to 8/10.”


“In your faces!” Rudy shouted.

“Oh, be nice. Cherry and Cherie did great too,” Claire scolded.


“If you combine the two scores, you both tied. You both know each other pretty well,”


“Thanks for reading!” Cherry and Cherie said in unison.


“Yes, thank you!” Rudy announced.

“If you have anything you’d like to see on Twin Tuesday next time, please let us know!” Claire requested.

“There you have it! Make sure to comment any ideas for future Twin Tuesdays, and as always, thanks for reading! This is your host, Tyler Dyler, signing out.”

6 thoughts on “Twin Telepathy II (Twin Tuesday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2020)

  1. AWW LOVED THIS!! This was so cute and way to go!! And like what Sarah Thea said, a rematch would be awesome!
    Me and the stuffies are looking forward to it!
    -kaelyn and the stuffies 😛

    Liked by 2 people

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