Candy's Wishlist ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Candy

Hello friends! Today for BABAD, Candy was chosen and well, this is what happens when I let her pick what post she wants to do…

Hi. I’m Candy.


Most BABs ask for a photostory, or maybe a photoshoot whenever it’s their turn for BABAD, but not me. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I took it! I will be showing you guys my wishlist! It’s perfect, because it’s almost Christmas. Maybe Mommy can get an idea of what to get me.

Photo by Binyamin Mellish on

A House

I know I’m young, but I want my own house already! I get sick of sharing with my siblings. Plus, I need a lot space to store all my stuff. My house has to have a huge walk-in closet for all my clothes too.

Keep all of your furry friend's accessories inside the Fancy Fashion Boutique. This fashion case includes a bar for hanging clothes, drawers, a mirror, elastic holders and pockets. Organization has never been this cute! The functional toy makes a great gift! Bear, outfits and accessories sold separately.


Speaking of closets, I want this one from Build a Bear. It’s only $40, I mean, isn’t that a bargain!


I don’t really know what I would do with my own DSLR, but Diamond seems to enjoy hers. I want one.

This fuchsia toy smartphone is a fun way to make sure your furry friend is always connected!

A Cell Phone

I also want my own cell phone. Mommy has one that all of us kids share for games and emergencies and stuff, but I would like my own.


I don’t want roses that much, but I came across this photo and thought, “Hm. Looks nice,”

Light up your furry friend's look with this colorful stuffed animal purse that has just the right amount of sparkle! This bright pink handbag for stuffed animals has a glittery rainbow bow that provides a perfect bit of flair to any furry friend's outfit.

This Purse

I need a purse to fit all of my money! That’s actually another thing I want, money. But I’ll also settle for my own credit card.

Teddy Mountain NY Magical Fantasy Unicorn w/ Rainbow Tutu and Headband Teddy Bear Clothes Build-a-Bear and Make Your Own Stuffed Animals (8")

This outfit

I think this outfit is really cute! It would totally suit me.

Rainbow Heart Chair Bed - Build-A-Bear Workshop®

A New Bed

I mean, I have a bed. But, I have to share it with my sisters! I want a new one all to myself. Doesn’t this one look lovely?

Obviously that’s not everything I want, but I got tired of making this post. Sandy always complains about my attention span, but I don’t know what she’s talking about.

What is on your wishlist?

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