Aftershock Episode 7

Hello friends! It’s time for another episode of Aftershock. This one is pretty cool, however the photos are interesting. I had to edit my photos for the first time, well, you’ll see. Anyway, they look a little weird, but please just keep in mind that it was my first time editing photos.

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With Pyro, covertness wasn’t our focus. An experienced super like Pyro would know we were there, and citizens needed to be afraid. They needed to evacuate the area so we could have the best chance at catching Pyro.

“With Pyro, we don’t give her the chance to join LoS. If you get close enough, use this,” Andy instructed, holding out a specialized gun. “It has some of the serum to strip a super of their power, so hopefully it will do the same to Pyro.”

“Hopefully?” I asked, shocked.

“It’s…never been tested,” Tori sighed. “Like I said, there’s only been one mission like this since LoS’s inception. This is new to all of us.”

I swallowed my fears. Of course, I was afraid that we’d end up like Tori’s sister, but we were the only thing standing in the way of Pyro and hurting innocent civilians. We had to protect them.

With as much courage as we could muster between the three of us, we drove to our target location. Baby came with us, which, was unlike our usual missions.”

“Since we don’t need to worry with stealth, Baby will be a great addition to the mission,” Tori explained.


“I’m fireproof, so I could save all of your butts!” Baby buzzed in reply. I smiled a little. There was nothing like a little humor when your life was about to be in danger.

We eventually arrived on the scene. It was clear Pyro was near, the area was covered in flames and ashes. I gulped when I noticed there were no civilians around. I hoped it was because they had already evacuated and not because of something else.

Andy pointed in the direction of a building engulfed in flames. “I’m guessing Pyro’s in there. We should try to lure her out, and then we can shoot her with the serum.”

I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. Instead, I followed my rather dangerous instinct to enter the flaming building. It was stupid, I know, but part of me knew that I could put an end to Pyro without any more damage or casualties.

“Lauren, what are you doing?” Tori shouted in horror.

I shook my head. “I can fix this. I can feel it,” I replied.

Tori and Andy stared at me in horror, but I bolted into the building before they could stop me.

aftershock 7.1

“Pyro?” I called.

A fiery figure appeared from a corner. “Ah, so they’re stupid enough to try to negotiate with me,” she muttered.

“Well, go on. What do you want?” Pyro sputtered. I could tell she wasn’t planning to pay me any attention.

“I was hoping to speak with you on behalf of LoS,” I began.

aftershock 7.3

“Ah, that makes sense,” Pyro said, creating the beginnings of a lethal fireball.

“Wait!” I cried out instinctively. “I do work for LoS, but,” I hesitated. “I’m starting to think that their wrong.”

Pyro froze, her fireball dissipating. “Oh?” she paused.

“They want to take away super powers just because others don’t agree with them. I just can’t see how that’s right,” I sighed, hoping I was getting through to Pyro.

“That’s exactly what they tried to do to me,” Pyro replied. “They turned me into this monster. I bet you’ve heard the story of the ‘four fallen heroes’ who died in a housefire with me?”

I nodded.

“They’re the ones who set the house on fire. They were trying to flush me out. I tried to help them when they got stuck inside, but,” she paused to dry a tear. “I couldn’t help them.”

“I,” I stuttered. Did I really believe this woman?

“I know you don’t believe me,” Pyro sighed. “I just want to be left alone. Really.”

I held out the gun with the serum. “This has a serum inside it that will strip you of your powers. If you truly wish to be left alone, all you have to do is take this,” I explained, a part of me hating myself for it.

“Don’t you get it? I like having my powers. I wouldn’t be using them for anything malicious if LoS didn’t force me to act this way!” she roared, as the building grew warmer.

I pointed the gun at her. “I hope you understand why I can’t fully believe you,”

Pyro squinted at me. “You will understand soon enough. Mark my words Agent Lauren Davis, you will understand.”

aftershock ep 7.2

I pulled the trigger, but I was too late, Pyro had already made her escape. I replayed my actions in my head. Had I told Pyro my name? I hadn’t. How did she recognize me?

I exited the building and my team nearly suffocated me with their hugs.

“She got away,” I admitted. I wasn’t going to tell them everything about the meeting with Pyro. Even though I trusted my team, I knew I’d get fired if anyone found out I doubted LoS’s methods.


“It’s okay,” Tori replied, squeezing harder as tears fell from her eyes. “You’re alive. That’s all that matters.”

Ooh, Lauren made a pretty stupid decision in this episode! Are you excited to find out more about Pyro? You’ll have to wait until January (Mwhahahah) because next month we have the Aftershock Christmas Special! I can’t wait for it!

Also, what did you think of the edited photos? I know they look kinda silly, but I’m curious what you guys think.

Read The Aftershock Christmas Special now!

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