The Future of This Blog + Thoughts on Growing Up

Before I get into the post, I made a new button! I really liked the old one, but I just now realized it still said “blogspot” on it. I switched in…June 2018. So, just a little late realizing that. Anyway, no pressure to update my button if you have the other one up, but this one matches the design better and well, it actually has the right blog address..

Speaking of design, I updated design to make it more Christmas-y! I like it.

Hello friends! I kind of have been wanting to do a little bit of a more relaxed post recently where we just kind of talk about BABF and also some of my thoughts on growing up. I hope you all like that.

Okay, so first I’m going to talks about growing up. I made a post on this a few years ago and I still agree with that, but I have a few more thoughts now. So, I’m just going to build upon that post.

I think that I can understand growing out of stuffed animals better now. When people grow up, they get busy and the things that were once important to them evolve. Like, maybe someone liked playing board games when they’re 5, and then video games when they are 15. I think when people grow out of stuffed animals it’s because stuffed animals are just toys at the end of the day.

To me however, stuffed animals are so much more than just toys. I’ve crafted these personalities of the bears and they are almost like real people to me. I’ve been writing about the Stones for almost 4 years. At this point, I doubt I’ll ever fully stop.

I can say with connfidence that I will probably never grow out of stuffed animals. I will probaby keep my Build a Bears for the rest of my life. Obviously at some point I will quit blogging, but hopefully that won’t be for a long, long time. I seriously have plans for 2021, and I’m sure I’ll even do stuff in 2022(and hopefully much longer!)

This brings me to my next topic, the future of this blog. This right here is post number 498! So, in just 2 posts, I will have published 500 posts. I literally can not believe I’ve come so far! I just feel like I’m still starting out with BABF, but clearly I have done a lot more than just starting out. That being said, I have so many plans for this and next year! I’m not going to share everything, but I’m hoping you guys will be excited about my announcements.

25 Days of Christmas 2020

If you’ve been around since last year, you’ll know I did the 25 Days of Christmas. I had so much fun with that, so I’m doing it again this year! My goal is to finish 10 of those posts this month, and I’ve already completed some of those. Some of the posts will include a short Christmas Carol Photo Series, An Aftershock Christmas, some photoshoots, and much more! I can’t wait!

New Bears

Hm? What’s this? New bears you ask? I can’t say anything for sure. But I can say that these two have some of my favorite personalities and may be coming in January(or, perhaps you will meet them on Christmas. But they won’t be properly introduced until January.)

Aftershock Season Finale

I’ve decided that there will be two more episodes of Aftershock season 1. (not including the Christmas Special) After that, there will be a red carpet Q&A, and possibly season 2 in the Fall.

Family Portraits + New Profiles

Yeah, this one is going to take a lot of work. But basically, hopefully in January I can take an updated family portraits post and get some new profiles up.


We’re nearly halfway done with BABAD! I’m loving this segment and I’ll be sad to see it go when we finish.

The Death of BAB Takeover Week

This last piece of news I have for you is a little bittersweet. I have decided not to continue BABTW. I will still do it in January-March, but after March 2021, there will not be another Takeover Week. Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see before this segment ends, because I’d like it to go out with a bang!

However, there are also going to be some fun things in its place. I’d like to start “Photostory-a-thon” or different things where I post 5-7 similar posts in a row. Also, some of the segments from BABTW may still occur. It will just be a lot more sporadic.

That’s all I have to say today! Make sure to tell me what you’re most excited for and how I should end Takeover Week! See you Sunday with BABAD!

14 thoughts on “The Future of This Blog + Thoughts on Growing Up

    1. I know! I’m honestly shocked. How long have you been blogging for? I’ve been fairly consistent with this blog for almost 4 years. So, if you stick with it, you’ll definitely get there!

      Oh for sure! I first started with an AG blog. It’s interesting to see how we evolve.

      I understand! I’m sure everyone is busy this time of year. If she does decide to let me on, I’d love to see your blog! But I also understand either way. 😀


  1. Kind of? XD
    It’s fun cuz I never have a set idea of kinds of things I’ll post. Like I posted poems constantly for a month and then haven’t really posted a poem since. I’m thinking about a contest or give away, but I need more followers first. XD Probably when I hit 30. I don’t have lots of followers. XD
    I am VERY excited for it. Lots of collabs, fan stuff, and q&a’s headed my way!!! WHOOP! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You mean we have to wait till january to see the new bears. I can’t wait that long.

    Also, yay, your about to hit 500 post, that’s so cool. And I can’t wait to see the new portraits, I know they are going to be so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh, that’s a huge number, Diamond!! It’ll take me years to get there!
    I love how you said you’ll never grow out of them! Having read quite a few of their posts, I have already begun to consider them as real people! I love your new button too! I’ll get it up soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhhh. There’s so much exciting things in this post, eh? I just can’t wait to see how your blog will keep growing, Diamond. You’re truly doing an awesome job and I’m so happy for you as you’re making it to your 500TH post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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