How to Plan the Perfect Party ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Pinkie


Hello friends! Today, I will be sharing with you all how to plan the perfect party! I have my best tips outlined for you in today’s post. Enjoy!

I will be using the Small-Fry’s recent fall party as an example.



Invitations are so important! They’re basically what makes people decide whether to come to your party or not. I recommend cute invitations that clearly state where the party is, when it is, what it is for, and how to R.S.V.P.

Also, make your guest list clear! Are you inviting everyone you know, or just a few people? Make a list, because you wouldn’t want to accidentally forget anyone.



Decor can really make your party better. You can make it or buy it, or some sort of mix of both.


Make sure your decorations match the theme of the party. You wouldn’t want a Christmas tree at an Easter party!



Plan to have some sort of entertainment. This can be anything from music, movies, games, or anything else that seems fun.



This may arguably be the best part of any party. Provide food! It can really be anything, as long as none of your guests have allergies or special diets. I recommend having sweet and savory foods.


Make sure you have enough food. Also, plates and utensils and beverages and cups! You don’t want to forget anything!

Those are my basic tips to throwing the perfect party! I hope you can put them to use during this holiday season.


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