We Need a Little Christmas NOW! ~ A Decorating The Tree Photostory

Hello everyone and happy December! You know what that means, right? Christmastime! You know what Christmastime means? The 25 Days of Christmas! I’ve been planning these out for a loooooong time and I’m so happy that I can finally share them. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you can enjoy these holiday filled posts that I’m doing this year.

Today’s post will follow the Stone family as they put up their tree. My family just finished decorating our brand-new tree last night. (You’ll see pictures of that later I’m sure)

Without further ado, I present to you, the 25 Days of Christmas!

(Sandy’s POV)


Our house was a disappointment.


It was already December, yet there were still pumpkins everywhere! I’d tried to give my family hints by playing We Need a Little Christmas Now, but that wasn’t working. I needed to be more direct.

“Mommy!” I called.


Mommy rushed in. “Is everything okay?”

“Do you see anything wrong with this room?” I gestured.


“It’s December for crying out loud! We still don’t have our Christmas tree up yet!”

“Oh! I’ve been meaning to go out and get our decorations. I guess I’ve just been busy. If you and your siblings clean up these Fall decorations, Chip and I can go pick up the decorations,” Mommy bargained.


We, of course, took the deal and began putting all of the Fall decorations away.


Soon, there was no trace of Fall left in out living room.


Before too long, we heard Mommy pull up in the driveway.


We gathered around the trunk of the car to help Mommy bring the new decorations inside.


All of a sudden, Rudy and Claire materialized.

“Where did you guys come from? Mischief asked.

“We heard you were putting up your Christmas tree today,” Claire began.

“So we had to help!” Rudy added.


“Can we go ahead and get everything inside?”


Everyone did their part and took some of the decorations inside.


Mommy and Chip carried the tree inside. All of us got involved in finding the perfect place to put the tree.


We finally decided to put in in the corner.


Chip and the boys spent a while perfecting the lights on the tree.


Ta-da! The lights finally looked perfect.


Cherie, Rudy, Cali, and Sparkles began putting hooks on the ornaments.


Candy and I set up the tree skirt.


Finally, it was time to decorate the tree. All of us had a blast carefully placing each ornament on the tree. Cloud started humming Deck the Halls while we did so.


The tree looked so lovely once we finished with the ornaments.


But it was missing something…


“Who wants to put the star up?” Mommy asked.


“Can I do it?” Cloud begged. No one countered him.


We all stepped back to watch as Mommy lifted Cloud up to the top of the tree.


Now, the tree was perfect.


Cali climbed right up to the tree and began singing.

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, How lovely are your branches…”

Hope you enjoyed! Do you have your tree up yet?

9 thoughts on “We Need a Little Christmas NOW! ~ A Decorating The Tree Photostory

  1. This was so cute! I love your little stories!

    Yep, we have our tree up. I’m actually sitting next to it right now. 😊 I feel like I’m in a better mood when I’m next to the tree! Is it just me? 🤨

    Merry early Christmas! 🎄 I hope you have a fantastic December full of cheer! Looking forward to more of your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Ooh, nice! It’s not you. I think a Christmas tree is an instant mood booster.

      Merry early Christmas to you as well Miriam! I hope you have a fantastic December too. And I’m glad, because I’ve got more coming!

      Liked by 1 person

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