Holly and Hal Moose Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have a fun post for you. So, years ago, Build a Bear came out with a book. This was in 2008, to be exact. Young Diamond had only begun collecting Build a Bears at the time, and she was ecstatic that Build a Bear had a book out about two of their bears! She wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop and buy Holly Moose and the book that went along with Holly. However, it ended up being cheaper to buy Hal as well, despite the fact Diamond didn’t want him very much. However, Holly and Hal Moose have become some of the original Build a Bears of Build a Bears Furever!

Since I don’t have much of a personality fleshed out for these two, I don’t feature them that much. But, last year during the 25 Days of Christmas, I thought, “Why not review this book?”

I couldn’t find the book.

Anyway, this year I finally found it! So, I’ve read it and decided to review it for you all! I hope you enjoy!


(link to purchase off Amazon)

Will Holly & Hal MooseTM, the dynamic sibling duo, work together to save Christmas and their friendship in time for Santa to make his famous flight? Find out in our first Build-A-Bear Workshop furry friend-inspired storybook.

So, that is the synopsis of the book. I’ll be keeping this review spoiler-free.



I’d say this book has a pretty reasonable price. I definitely don’t remember what I paid for it 12 years ago, but it has held up very well. It even comes with 3 different cover options and a poster!

It is a short book(55 pages), but that’s typical of children’s books.

It also has lots of gorgeous illustrations.


This book has a lovely Christmas setting and descriptions. It’s set at the North Pole for most of the book and I enjoyed that setting.



I felt that the plot is that of a classic Christmas book. It’s short, but again, that’s how most children’s books go. I especially loved the ending.



I found Holly and Hal to be a bit annoying at first. It works into the story, but it was still slightly annoying. However, there was character growth, which is impressive for such a short book.

Sorry this photo is so dark!

It has these fun extras inside the book!


No violence or language or anything. This was written for children, but I think it’s enjoyable for any age.



I really like all 3 covers. They all fit the story.


I thought the writing was perfect for this book. It was written for a much younger age group than I typically read, but I still enjoyed it. The chapters were very short.



4/5 stars! The only reason I wouldn’t rate higher is because it is a children’s book and most of the books I read are Middle Grade/YA. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and this is exactly the type of thing I’d like to do about the Stones someday! This book was also really nostalgic for me.

I definitely recommend reading this book if you ever get the chance.

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