DIY Mini Xbox ~ Craft

Hello friends! Today you won’t be seeing any of the bears, but you will learn how to make a DIY Xbox that would be perfect for a small stuffed animal or AG doll!


The main thing you need is a piece of black foam. You also need some gel pens and scissors.


Firstly, we’re going to make the controllers. You need to trace and cut this sort of shape.


Cut out two.


It’s kind of hard to explain this part, but basically look up Xbox controllers and try to draw the buttons with a white gel pen.




Next, cut a piece of foam about 3.5″ by 2”.


Okay, so I kind of missed a couple photos. Anyway, you’ll need 3 of the 3.5″ by 2″ rectangles, 2 a bit smaller, and strips to cover the edges of the 3.5″ rectangles.


Glue the 2 small rectangles together.


Now glue the 3 larger rectangles together.


Next, center the smaller rectangle on the larger one and glue it down.


Draw the little Xbox symbol on one of the longer strips.


Glue the strips to the edges and boom! You’re done!


What do you think? Will you be making one of these for your stuffie or doll?

9 thoughts on “DIY Mini Xbox ~ Craft

  1. I don’t know why, but I’m finding the idea of making a mini Xbox totally adorable. 😆 I should actually pass on this this little DIY to my sister – she’d totally love it for her stuffies (as she’s been kind of going through a gamer phase after we got a new PS this summer…). Anyways, fantastic craft, Diamond!

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