Our Christmas Decorations


Hello friends! Today I will be showing you our Christmas decorations. I love all things Christmas, so even though this isn’t technically my house, I volunteered to give this tour. We’re starting in the Girls’ room.


First up, we have this nativity sign. I like it because it brings your attention back to the true meaning of Christmas – Christ.


This is on my cousin’s nightstand. It’s a small tree and an even smaller snowman. I think it looks very lovely.


Finally, they have this pillow that is very wintery/Christmasy.


In the kitchen, we have this lovely nativity. Again, this focuses more on Christ.


On the wall, we have this little sign that says how many days it is until Christmas. EEE! Only 15 days! I also love the peppermint touch to it.

(phantom shadow strikes again…)

In Aunt Peri’s room, we have some Christmasy pillows. It isn’t too over the top, but there aren’t typically a ton of people in here.


Finally, we have the living room! The focal point of the room is obviously the Christmas tree, and it’s also the main Christmas decoration that we have!


On the walls, there are seven stockings, one for every Stone kid!


Finally, we have these two Christmas throw pillows.


Well, that wraps up our Christmas decorations! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Tell me about some of your Christmas decorations!

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