Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 3) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

Do you like me new greeting image?

Hello friends! We’re officially mid-way through Candy’s Christmas Carol. I hope you all are enjoying this thus far.

I edited another photo for this, but it turned out a lot better. Let me know which one you think is edited…



Before I knew it, I was once again awakened by a loud noise and bright light.


Squinting, I noticed Cali, dressed in an unusual outfit.

“What are you doing up?” I inquired.

“I am not your sister Cali. I simply take the form of someone from your present. I had assumed Past told you about me,” the spirit sighed.

“Oh, she did,” I remembered. “I guess I just wasn’t expecting Cali.”

“Well!” she remarked dramatically. “I am the Ghost of Christmas Present! I will show you events of this Christmas.”

I nodded.


“Let’s go!”

We flickered out of my room and into my living room. The scene was jovial, my family were gathered around the tree and exchanging gifts. Merry laughter and smiles filled the room. Only, one of the faces looked utterly miserable. It was the face that belonged to me.

Untitled design (3)

“Why do I look so upset?” I turned to the Ghost of Christmas Present and asked.

“You didn’t get any presents this year,” she replied. “You were a naughty, naughty girl, and you didn’t get anything.”

I gasped. “Could this be true?” I wondered. I needed to shape up my act if I wasn’t going to get presents this year.

Within a second, we were whisked away to a more somber scene. This was at Aunt Bella’s house. Christmas morning came, and there were no gifts to open. The usually chipper Mischief looked gloomy and even though Sparkled didn’t always have a smile on her face, I could tell she was in a sour mood.

“What’s happening here?” I asked the spirit.


“Bella had to use the Christmas money to pay for Sparkles’ new glasses. Your cousins got no gifts this year, just like you.” She explained.

I recalled our conversation from earlier. Sparkles did seem more depressed than usual when she talked of how she wouldn’t get any presents.

Suddenly, I felt something unusual. Was it sadness? Not quite. I felt bad that Sparkles and Mischief weren’t getting any gifts. I felt a little less bad for myself when I thought about Sparkles and Mischief. I felt like…maybe, I could do something to help them.

“Spirit?” I asked.

“Silence!” she dramatically replied. “My time is up. You will be visited by one more spirit before the night is through. The Spirit of Christmas Future.”

Once again, I was lying in my bed, exhausted from the night’s events.

Next up, the visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future…

Stay tuned for the rest of Candy’s Christmas Carol and the 25 Days of Christmas. Tomorrow, we’ve got a fun photoshoot for you all.

Also, tell me what you thought of the photo editing in this one!

Jump ahead to part 4?

14 thoughts on “Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 3) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

    1. Thank you! The edited photo is the one where Candy is looking in on her family on Christmas morning. I had to merge two photos because I only have one Candy(obviously), and the lighting in one of the photos is a little off. But I’m really glad it isn’t super noticeable!


  1. Yay, this was awesome! I was going to guess that the picture with them all around the tree was the one you edited, and then I saw your reply in the comments! I like how you merged the two pictures together. They all look great!

    Liked by 2 people

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