Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 5) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

Hello friends! I hope you’ve been enjoying Candy’s Christmas Carol. Today is the last part! This part is probably the longest.

Christmas is coming up! I’m so excited…






I began to hear yawns and a mixture of alarm clocks echo throughout my house. My family was awaking. I needed to do something to change my future, I just didn’t know what.

“Is it Christmas yet?” Cherry peeped up. She’d been asking this ever since Thanksgiving.

“Not yet,” Sandy moaned. “It’s tomorrow,”

“Good!” I thought to myself. “I still have time to change.”

“Are Mischief and Sparkles coming over today?” Cali asked.

“No. Aunt Bella has the next two days off work,” Cherie replied.

I was struck with an idea. It might be too late to fix my Christmas, but it wasn’t too late to fix Mischief and Sparkles’! I rushed out of bed to peek inside my wallet. Thankfully, I’d been saving my weekly allowance and I had about $200. That was sure to be enough to cover Sparkles’ new glasses.


I ran downstairs, still in my PJs.

“Mommy, Mommy!” I exclaimed.

Mommy was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.

“If this is about your Christmas present, we discussed that last night,” Mommy replied.


“No!” I waved my money in her face. “I felt bad for Sparkles and I wanted to pay for her new glasses so Aunt Bella can buy them Christmas presents.”

Mommy stared at me in disbelief. “What have you done with my daughter Candy?”

“I had a change of heart,” I smiled. “I want them to have a good Christmas, even if I don’t.”

Mommy grinned at me. “Let’s take this to them, right after breakfast.”

I ate my breakfast quicker than I ever had before. “C’mon, c’mon let’s go!”

“I can see you’re still impatient as ever,” Mommy laughed. “Okay, let’s go. Sandy, we’re going to run out for a bit. You’re in charge.”

“Yes!” Sandy celebrated.

I didn’t stay to see Chip and Sandy fight over who should be in charge. I rushed Mommy to the car and we drove to Aunt Bella’s.

I knocked a cheerful knock on their door. Aunt Bella answered.


“Peri? Candy? This is a surprise,” she greeted. “Come in.”

“We can’t stay,” Mommy replied. “But Candy has something for you.”

I stepped in front of Mommy. “This is for you,” I held out the $200. “I felt bad that Mischief and Sparkles weren’t getting gifts this year, so I wanted to pay for Sparkles’ glasses with my allowance money.”

Aunt Bella gasped. “This is very kind of you. Thank you!” She gave me a hug.


“You’re welcome,” I replied. I felt warm inside. It was a different sort of happiness than I felt from getting gifts. Purer, kinder. It was a mix of love and generosity. It was then that I realized that Christmas was never about receiving gifts. It was about giving them. I grinned at everything I’d learned in the past 24 hours. I felt like a new bear.

“God bless us! Every one!” I shouted.

Yay! Candy’s Christmas Carol is officially over. This is my first completed photoseries. It’s very short, but I had a lot of fun making it and I hoped you had fun reading it!

Anyway, even though this series is over, the 25 days of Christmas isn’t! I still have some fun stuff planned, so stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 5) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

  1. Oh, that was so sweet! I loved hearing the end to this story – you did a great job! And I’m looking forward to the rest of your Blogmas posts!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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