Summer’s Christmas Traditions (Collab with Silveny from Stuffed Stories)

Hello friends! Today, I (Summer,) am going to be collabing with one of my stuffie friends, Silveny!

Silveny (Image rights belong to Kaelyn)

How this is going to work, is I’m going to be sharing my Christmas traditions and then interviewing Silveny. Then, on her blog Stuffed Stories, she’s going to share her family’s traditions and interview me. So, you’ll want to make sure to read both posts. 

Without further ado, let’s begin!


My Palace pet family and I have loads of fun Christmas traditions. Firstly, we put our Christmas tree up on December first. We try to use lots of princess themed decorations, seeing as we’re the pets of the princesses. Then, we try to watch a Christmas themed movie or show every night leading up to Christmas.


On the first Saturday in December, we have a cookie competition! Berry normally wins, but it isn’t really about winning. It’s about cookies! We have cookies usually until Christmas(Unless Treasure eats them all,)

This isn’t one of my favorite traditions, but Treasure normally does some sort of Christmas prank. This year she made us a gingerbread house, but it tasted like pepper! Yuck.


For presents, we always draw names. It isn’t a secret, but it is very similar to secret santa. I got Teacup, and I got her a new tea set. I think Pumpkin drew my name and I’m *hoping* for a new phone.


On Christmas morning, we wake up and eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We give each other small presents that we got for each other(we get everyone presents, just something big for whoever we drew) and then watch some movies. After lunch, we go ahead and exchange big gifts. 

For Christmas dinner, Berry normally cooks for all of the Build a Bears except for the Stone Family. We have a great time talking and laughing together.
Those are my Christmas traditions!

Now, time for the interview:

(I’m in normal and Silveny is in bold)

– What is your favorite part of the Christmas season?  

 My favorite part about Christmas is getting to be with family and friends in my childhood town, Candy Cove. 

– What are you hoping for for Christmas? 

 Wonderful memories and lots of yummy hot chocolate! 

– Tell us about your traditional Christmas meal. 

Lots of themed desserts and this may seem kind of odd for Christmas food, but Mexican food! I know it’s not traditional, but we adore eating tacos and traditional tamales.

 – How has the 12 Stuffie Days of Christmas been going? 

It has been going pretty well actually! We have all been super busy so, we have missed one day, but now we are back on schedule for some fun Christmasy post! This is our first Christmas at Stuffed Stories so, we are having fun and learning  along the way.

 – Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

Mostly.. I still need to find the perfect gift for my big brother, Strong.. He is always so hard to shop for...

– Show us your favorite picture you’ve taken of your decorations.

Silveny’s decor (Image rights belong to Kaelyn)

 I don’t have a lot of decorations.. but my favorite ones are the ones that I keep in my room.. My Christmas countdown, my loyal santa hat, and my ho ho ho sign!

 – Giving or getting? 

Giving! I love seeing the happy smiles and bright expressions people have when opening presents.

 – Favorite Christmas movie?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The original cartoon one, of course. 😉 

– Favorite Christmas song? 

Mary Did You Know? and Little Drummer Boy

– Finally, take a moment to tell the readers about the true meaning of Christmas.   

The true meaning of Christmas is not just Santa Clause and being with family, although those are fun traditions or things that people orientate with Christmas, but that is not what it is all about. Like what my family reads every year on Christmas is the true story of Christmas in Luke 2 where Jesus, the savior of the world, the son of God, was born in a humble manger. He came to save us all, even when we didn’t deserve it. I mean, it’s pretty incredible when you think about it.. Thank you Jesus for coming into our world and giving us the choice to receive the beautiful gift of your salvation. 

Well said Silveny!

Silveny was great, wasn’t she? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this collab and don’t forget to check out her part here!

Stay tuned for the rest of the 25 Days of Christmas this week!

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