Christmas Exchange

Hello Friends! Today’s post will be all about the Stone’s exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I’m posting it today because I have a more spiritual themed post tomorrow and a Christmas haul on Christmas Day. And…I can’t believe it’s that close to Christmas.

Also, as a heads up, this doesn’t really have a plot? It’s basically just the Stone’s opening their gifts.

Anyway, let’s get right into the Stone’s gift exchange!


It was Christmas Eve and the Stone family was watching their traditional Christmas Eve movie, Home Alone.


The children were all counting the minutes for the movie to end, because as soon as it was over, it was time for the Secret Santa Exchange!


As soon as the credits started rolling, Daddy announced, “Okay kids! Let’s begin the present exchange.”

The kids rushed away to get the gifts. Within two minutes, everyone was back in place.


“Okay Chip,” Mommy began. “Why don’t you start us off?”


Chip wandered over to Cali.

“I drew your name. I hope you like it.”


Cali pulled out a fluffy sweater. “This is so amazing!”


Cali, now wearing her new sweater, took her gift to Candy.


Candy pulled out a unicorn outfit. “Wow! I love this!”


Candy tossed her gift over to Sandy.

“I just know you’re going to love this,” Candy bragged.


Sandy swiftly pulled out and put on her gift.

“It’s a mermaid tail blanket!” Sandy gleefully exclaimed.


After Sandy calmed down a bit, she went to Cherie. “I made you something. Enjoy!”


Cherie produced a purple beanie from her stocking.

“Oh, it’s lovely!” Cherie praised.


Cherie timidly stepped over to Cloud.

“I couldn’t actually fit your gift in the stocking. I have to go get it…”


Cherie left and quickly returned with Cloud’s gift.


Cloud marveled at the gift. “I get to make a Star Wars ship!”


Cloud handed his stocking to Cherry.

“I didn’t know what to get for you, but I think you’ll like this.”


Cherry excitedly yanked her gift out of the stocking.

“Ooh! Uno! Let’s play!” she burst. “Thank you!”

“Oh, my turn!” she remembered. “I actually couldn’t fit your gift in the stocking either Chip,”


Cherry returned with a guitar.


“This is incredible,” Chip gasped. “How did you pay for this?”

“It was used, so it ended up being pretty cheap. Mommy and Daddy also chipped in, and I saved up for it,” Cherry explained.

“Thank you!” Chip replied, pulling his sister into a hug.


“Okay kids, it’s getting late,” Mommy laughed. “If you don’t go to bed now, Santa might not come!”

The kids rushed to bed. Mommy smiled, because Christmas Eve was the only night where her kids didn’t complain and whine at bedtime.

*the next day*


The kids crept downstairs as soon as the sunlight streaked into their windows.


Their stockings, now filled, were placed neatly on their couch.


“Merry Christmas!” Mommy and Daddy exclaimed in unison.


The parents smiled as the children tore into their stockings.


The Stone children immediately started eating the candies that filled their stockings.


“You haven’t even turned around,” Daddy mischievously noted.


As soon as he said that, Cherry shouted, “We got an Xbox!”


The kids joyfully set up their Xbox and began playing it.


“Wait kids!” Mommy said before they got too into their games. “You forgot one of our traditions!”


The kids piled together in a big bear hug.

“Merry Christmas!” they all shouted.

I hope you enjoyed this! See you all tomorrow for more 25 Days of Christmas!

P.S. Bloopers:


11 thoughts on “Christmas Exchange

  1. I love Home Alone too!! The gifts were so sweet! I loved the mermaid outfit! Did you crochet it?
    This was probably the first time ‘bear hug’ could have been meant so literally πŸ˜‚ Lovely write!! Loved Rocket’s bloopers!πŸ˜‚
    Merry Christmas Eve!!✨

    Liked by 1 person

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