Treasure’s 2020 Bucket List Revisited + 2021 Bucket List (Treasuriffic Tuesday ~ January 2021)

Hey. Not that I need an introduction, but it’s everyone’s favorite cat, Treasure!

Today, I will be reacting to my 2020 bucket list and sharing my 2021 list. You will enjoy it.

2020 Bucket List


We did! We’re no longer cramped in Diamond’s closet! Check out our lovely house here!


Blehh, Covid didn’t let me travel this year. Next year!

Be a Counselor

I suceeded in convincing Diamond to let me be a counselor! It was a lot of fun. I…may have played a prank or two on my cabin. You can check it out here.

Write my Auto-Biography

Sigh. No. I did write a few chapters though on how the pandemic has affected me.

Shop a lot

Unfortunately no. I tried to order something, but Diamond found me out and stopped me.

Hang out with friends

I was actually able to do this! In fact, maybe a little too much time was spent with my friends.

Okay, now it’s time for my Bucket List of 2021!

Use up ALL of the Toilet Paper

I mean, I kind of liked the days of panic buying. Let’s bring that part back! You’ll all have me to thank for it.

Get my own room

So, there’s this little room in the BAB house. It isn’t much, but I want it ALL to myself and my collections. Sound doable Diamond?

Return to Camp Happy Heart

I had a lot of fun at Camp last year, and hopefully I can return as a counselor this year.

Figure out a Treasure themed series to start

BABTW is ending in March, so I won’t have many more Treasuriffic Tuesdays. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But, I plan to come up with something else! Some sort of Treasure related series of course. Comment some ideas!

Have an Awesome Halloween Costume

You better believe we’re doing our Halloween Fashion show again this year. And I’m determined to have the best costume of all!

Participate in the 25 Days of Christmas 2021

Recently, Diamond did the 25 Days of Christmas 2020 on here. Did you notice that I wasn’t in a single post? Yeah, let’s fix that in 2021.

Have my BABAD

So, you guys know BABAD? Yeah, it’s a segment that was initally supposed to last 2 years. Which means, this is our last year! So, obviously I need to have mine before it ends.

Bake something orange

Yeah, I mean, why not? It’s fun to bake sometimes, and orange is the best color.

Those are my goals/my bucket list for 2021! What are your goals?

12 thoughts on “Treasure’s 2020 Bucket List Revisited + 2021 Bucket List (Treasuriffic Tuesday ~ January 2021)

    1. Why, thank you! I know those things about myself, but I appreciate you telling me. =)
      Me too. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.
      Hm, that sounds kinda interesting. I think maybe I can build from that.

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