Family Portraits

Hello friends! Today, I’m going to be sharing some family portraits I took over Christmas break. Now, this post has basically been months in the making. The last time I did family portraits was in July 2018, and uh, there’s a reason why it’s been so long! It’s a lot of work to dress and position all of these bears. But, since I’ve gotten a better camera and a few new bears, I decided to give it a whirl.

Now, you’re probably like, does it really take months to take a few photos?

No, it doesn’t. BUT, I also tried to fix the bears up some(some of them needed sewing, others cleaning/brushing), so I began this process in September/October…

Then, I had to dress everyone and position everyone, AND I was also simultaneously working on the new profiles. So, this was a very exhausting post to complete. But I’m so happy it’s done! And I’m also really proud of the results.

Anyway, let’s get into the photos!


Here’s a group shot. It was kind of hard for me to get everyone in the picture.


I like the vertical shot, but I also ended up cutting people off.


Here is the top row of BABs. We’ve got mostly ponies.


Here’s another group shot. Except for the stuff in the corner, it’s the best shot I have of everyone.


Here are most of the Stones.


And here are more bears!

I kind of didn’t want to break up the group after spending so much time situating them. But oh well, I needed smaller groups.


Here are all of the ponies!


The Palace Pets! I think they’re so cute.


Here are all of the Star Wars bears. Also, the Porg and Baby Yoda aren’t actually part of the BABF crew, but I thought it’d be cool to add them in this photo.


Darth Mohawk photobombed!


Here’s all the extended Stone family + friends!


And here’s a photo of the same thing without cutting Rudolph’s face off…


Notice anything?


It appears we have another photobomber…lol.


Here’s the extended family(with no friends)


The Stones.


Rudolph’s family.


Starburst’s family.


Bella’s family.


Cam and Stella.


All the Small-Frys.


Finally, Wicket’s family! Anyway, Wicket and his family are now a part of the guest stars and will not be appearing on this blog a lot anymore.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these photos! I’m really happy with the turn-out.

But Wait!

Um, hi. This is Diamond from a few weeks after making this post. I have some important news…


I…may have gotten a couple new bears at Wal-Mart. They were $3 each, and I simply couldn’t help myself.

I was however, incredibly bummed that my “updated” family photo was no longer updated. 😦


So, here we have this one. It is edited, and I’m still learning about photo editing, but here it is! This includes the new bears. And…if I get any more bears, I’ll likely just edit them into this photo as well.

Anyway, you probably want to know a bit more about the two newbies, right?


Waffle Pecan

Waffle has an affinity for cooking. He is an ESFJ-T who loves to make new friends. He also is a fan of reading books and Marvel. Tennis is his favorite sport to both play and watch. Waffle is very kind and he always makes sure everyone feels included. He is often known to pull others (especially his little brother) out of their comfort zones.


Theodore (Theo) Pecan

Theo’s dream day would consist of staying inside, playing video games, and being 100% alone. He’s a bit of a nerd, with his highest grades being in math and science. This guy will likely go into a computer related field when he grows up. Theo has yet to meet an electronic he couldn’t fix. He is an ISTP-A, and if it wasn’t for his brother Waffle, he probably would never leave his bedroom.

These are their profiles that I added to the profile page, by the way.

Let’s try this again…

Thank you all for reading! Make sure to give a warm welcome to Waffle and Theo!

26 thoughts on “Family Portraits

      1. Yeah, good point. Editing will save you a lot of time.

        And I say hello back! I find it cool, because ‘Theo’ is a cognate name for ‘Thea’… so I’m happy to sort of share a name with one of your bears, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Awww love the stuffie pictures and all of the updated family pics!! I know it must have been a lot of work, but you did an excellent job! Also, welcome Waffle and Theo!! We are so glad you are here!
    with hugs,
    kaelyn and the stuffie crew!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Anytime and yees, it certainly looked like it was, but that’s so good though!! Aww yeaah Waffle and Theo are always welcome on Stuffed Stories for a quick hello, as well as all of the other stuffies! 😀
        It was my pleasure too!
        -kaelyn 😛

        Liked by 2 people

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