Stella’s Favorite Constellations and Words ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Stella

Hello friends! It’s time for another BABAD. This one will feature Stella, so I hope you enjoy!

Hi everyone. I’m Stella, though you guys probably already know that.

My (few) friends call me eccentric, and I guess I agree with them. I don’t know a whole lot of 11 year olds who are as obssessed with constellations as I am. Or have such a vast vocabulary. (I just like using ostentatious words)

Anyway, today I’ll be talking about my favorite constellations and words! I know those things don’t technically go together, but I couldn’t find too many photos of constellations, and I wanted to prolong this post.

(Also, any photos came from Pinterest or Pixabay. I linked the Pinterest photos to the pin. I don’t own any of these.)

Look at the magnificent stars! I enjoy constellations so much because it’s fascinating to take unrelated dots in the sky and turn them into glorious shapes.

The Big Dipper – photo from pixabay

The Big Dipper is definitely one you’ve heard of. Partially, that’s why I like it. It’s so accessible to begin talking to someone about my obssession. It’s simple but elegant.

Orion, Night, Star, Constellation
Orion – photo from pixabay

It’s another one of my favorites! I’m always in awe over someone looked up at the midnight sky and saw a human being in this cluster of stars.

Being a bear, I’d be remiss not to mention Ursa Major or Ursa Minor. I like both of them equally.

Exquisite Words

I also said I was going to mention some of my beloved words with you all. I also found most of these on Pinterest. Credit goes to the rightful owners.

Being as infatuated with the stars as I am, it isn’t shocking that I have a plethora of space related words.

Me! I’m an astrophile!

Wasn’t that enlighting? Tell me about your favorite constellation and also if you know any more anomalous words!

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