Dressing Like My Bears

Hello friends! Today I have a different style post for you all, but I think it sounded fun to do!

To be honest, I’m not completely sure where this idea came from. I guess I was just kinda thinking about my clothes and my blog wandered into that, as I tend to think about blogging a lot. Anyway, I actually have a lot of clothes that I feel like my bears would wear! So, this idea was born. I will be showing you six outfits that I feel represent six of my bears. I think it’ll be fun, but if you don’t like fashion at all, this might not be the post for you.

I’m going to start off with…Cloud!


Cloud would 100% wear this if he could. You guys know he’s obssessed with Star Wars right? Well, his favorite character is Kylo Ren, and what better way to display that then by wearing a Kylo Ren T-Shirt? I paired this with a pair of jeans, because Cloud is blue, and he also wears jeans a lot.

Finally, I added a red lightsaber, because why not?


Cloud approves of the outfit. He wishes that I could shrink it into his size.


Next up, we’ve got Stella! This isn’t really one of my favorite shirts, but It definitely fits with Stella’s vibe. I made the T-Shirt using this tutorial, It fits the galaxy vibe. And I love the black galaxy leggings!


Stella says that while it isn’t her favorite, she would still wear it.


For Claire, I could really get away with anything Christmas-y. I think this mint tee goes well with the red snowflake pants. I also added a red and green bracelet. I think it looks really good together.


Claire loves it!


Can you guess who this is inspired by?

That’s right, Tye! It’s pretty much the only tie dyed shirt that I have, paired with a gray pair of yoga pants. I think it’s good.


You don’t think that you clash a bit with the tie dye?



Next up, we have Cali’s outfit! I feel like this is a bit fancier than I normally dress with the jewelry, but I still like it. The shirt has some flowers on it, and the pants, well,


The pants really match Cali’s skin tone.


Cali had fun trying on my jewelry.


We’ve saved the best for last! This is my favorite outfit out of the bunch, and it was what gave me inspiration to make this post. It’s based off of Cam, if you couldn’t tell.

I made the shirt this summer while watching the last season of Agents of SHIELD. I’m really happy with it. As you may know, Cam is a little obssessed with AoS, so it’s perfect for his outfit. For the pants, I simply chose some camo yoga pants that I had. I don’t really like camo print that much, but I do like these pants. I really feel like this outfit looks good together!


Cam wholeheartedly agrees.

Which of these outfits was your favorite? Did you like this style of post? Which of these are you most likely to wear? Talk to me!


18 thoughts on “Dressing Like My Bears

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it.
      Ah, I’m so happy to inspire you!
      (Hey, it’s only like, 10 months until the Christmas season starts. Maybe you could get an early start? lol.)
      I understand the pain of having a zillion blog ideas and not enough time to post them all…I may or may not have had plans for this Halloween since September.


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