The Year of New Friends (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover Week February 2021)


Hello friends! We’re here today to tell you about something fun that happened to us recently. Hope you enjoy!

(from Sandy’s POV)


My best friend Gracie, my new friend Stella, and I, were all baking cupcakes. Gracie was in charge of mixing everything together and Stella read the recipe while I gathered the ingredients. We were having a grand time working together, all working seamlessly in a rhythm.

A blaring ringing noise could be heard coming from the other room. I listened intently. That wasn’t Mommy’s phone, so it must have been our phone!

Mommy was convinced that we kids were too young to have our own phones, so instead, we all shared a singular smartphone. We used it for games mostly, but occassionally our friends would call us.


I ran to answer the phone. Before I clicked ‘answer’, I noticed that it was our friend Tyler.

“Hey Tye!” I greeted. “You’re on speaker with me, Gracie, and Stella.”


“Hey guys,” he replied. “So, I was planning to come over today right?”


“Well, I was wondering if I could bring my new neighbors. They just moved in, but they’re about our age and could use some new friends.”

“Sure thing! We love having new friends.”

I then winked at Stella, the friend who I’d only met about a month ago.

We closed our conversation with Tye and quickly finished our cupcakes. I couldn’t wait to meet our new friends!


Tye said they were almost at our house, so all of us kids gathered in the living room.

The boys were having a lively discussion on whether tents or hammocks were better to sleep in, while Stella hid behind her elder brother.

The twins were whispering to each other, no doubt Cherry was up to something sinister.

Candy insisted on being first to meet the new friends, as she had to constantly be the center of attention.

I looked to Gracie. “2021 will be the year of making new friends,”

We heard a thump-thump at the door. It was Tye!

Cam sprang up out of his seat. “I’ll get it!”


“Hey Tye,” my neighbor greeted.

“Where are your neighbors?” Cloud inquired.

“Come in guys,” Tye called to the porch.


Two boys shuffled into the room.




All of us shouted our greetings at once. It was nothing but chaos.

“Ahem!” I cleared my throat. Being the oldest girl (and the most mature Stone kid) meant I was often in charge. I relished my position of power and only occassionally used it to my advantage.

All eyes were on me.

“Shouldn’t we give our new friends a chance to tell us a bit about themselves?”


The focus of the room was shifted to the new bears as the tan one began to speak.

“Hiya folks! I’m Waffle, and this here is my brother Theodore,” he gestured to the blue bear. “He hates being called Theodore though, so you can all call him Theo.”

Theo made a face at the use of his full name.


Waffle shifted over to the other boys, intergrating well into their friend group. They instantly began chatting like old friends.


However, Theo didn’t move. He simply kept to himself.


I, being the good friend that I am, took it upon myself to say hello and make Theo feel welcome.

“Welcome Theo! I’m Sandy. We love making new friends, and you’re welcome to come over anytime!”

“I don’t care,” he rolled his eyes. Looking past me, he noticed something. “OOh, can I play your Xbox?”


“I-i,” I stammered. I’d never met someone so rude.


“Ugh, nevermind,” Theo groaned, pulling out an iPad. “I brought my own games.”

I frowned. Theo wasn’t very friendly…


“I’m going to go get the cupcakes out of the oven for me,” Stella mumbled. I knew it was hard for her to be around so many new people, and she could probably use a break.


“OOh, do you guys like baking?” Waffle asked.

I nodded. “We don’t bake all that often, but it is certainly enjoyable.”

“I love cooking!” he replied.


We all began talking about cooking and foods. It was something that all of us could enjoy, whether that be the preparing of the food or just the consuming of the food.


Well…almost all of us. Theo still seemed rather apathetic and more interested in his video games.

Perhaps he’ll come around.


Welcome to Waffle and Theo! I’m super happy to have two new friends and I hope you’re happy to meet them as well!

Tell me about an experience where you made a new friend!

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